Jupiter Artista “Call Me” Self-Released 14 November 2014; Soulful House Diva Drops Debut Single “Call Me” this Fall Equinox

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Jupiter Artista
Call Me
14 November 2014
I Am in Every Party,


My World is Your Discotheque,


“Call Me”


My Name is Jupiter Artista

Soulful House Diva Drops Debut Single “Call Me” this Fall Equinox
Preview Exclusively on Surviving The Golden Age Here:


Hello beautiful humans. I am Jupiter.  I am pure light and stardust transformed into a space disco goddess of the third dimension.

I’ve come a long way to bring you a gift from my heart with my first-ever solo release and it’s a dance track called “Call Me.”  I believe it’s a gift that was given to me to share with you. My life in this world exists because of the power and beauty of music. Songs turn the sorrow I’ve gone through in my current human condition into a celebration, a lesson or a message that others dare not put in words.

I’m here to create exquisite sounds for your enjoyment and celebration. I’ve traveled through the music of this galaxy, listening to everyone from Giorgio Moroder and David Bowie to Herbie Hancock and LaFania. Found myself in the deepest caverns of house dj sets around the planet. I am in every party. My world is your discoteque.
My search began  years ago, with the help of a vast universal music selection, I decided I wanted to create a new disco revolution with the finest players in the world so I went and found the people. I couldn’t  really start making the songs until I got fired from a band that I used to sing with and the universe offered me a unique opportunity to explore the expansive, sometimes expensive, but mostly disco-driven ideas that dance in my psyche.
In my search, I even went to the ancient taitas (shamans) in Colombia, who showed me a secret that revealed the unlocking of my celestial divinity, my purpose and my voice, poured out for you on this record. I learned that the only way for me to transcend the third dimension is through being completely authentic and true.
My songs contain a secret code of love, psychomagic and discodelia.  Since before time began,  I was born to make a beat that would bring everybody together. I want to make the world dance into a higher frequency. The mission, wherever I play is to turn the place inside out and back in again.
So I asked genius house dj and producer David Ott to help me create a song that makes people feel good and makes them want to dance. I went to engineer Thai Long ly and recorded the entire band together in one studio (Bell Sound Studios in Los Angeles) to achieve that warm feel of a truly incredible band even though it would be House music.  Hadrien Ferraud on Bass; Edward Allen Brown on Rhodes, Keys, Piano;  Tony Austin on drums; Nozomi Yamaguchi on Guitar, Leddie Garcia on percussion, Horns by “Brass Roots” which consist of Chris Bautista on Trumpet,  Mike Eiya on Saxophone,  Lasim Richards on trombone,  additional guitars and keys by David Ott.
“Call Me” is originally written by Jupiter Artista, then co-written and arranged by David Ott. It is co-produced between Jupiter Artista and David Ott. Mixed by David Ott  and mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner.

Let the Party Begin!

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