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Fresh off the heels of New York Before The War, Jesse Malin returns with his latest album, Outsiders, due out October 9th on One Little Indian / Velvet Elk Records. Malin describes Outsiders as “a record built out of optimism and disgust – one for the leavers, the believers, the hustlers and the chicken hawks who could never catch us.” Born from late night recording sessions in the Pennsylvania woods with producer Don DiLego, far from any expectations, this new record presents Jesse Malin in his rawest form yet.
Clinging tight to the gritty style we’ve come to know and love from the singer/songwriter, Malin, reacquaints us with a prominent theme: forming and fortifying connections in an isolating world.  Tipped off by lead single’You Know It’s Dark When The Atheists Start To Pray,’ the track enlightens listeners to the bold idea that taking a step away from an over-urban life will only serve to bring you closer to what you want.
Malin had spent the previous five years toggling between being on the road and in the studio. In possession of a prolific amount of tracks Malin decided to approach the unnerving subject of feeling isolated in an overpopulated city.  In his single Malin confesses ‘to get close, I had to go far away;’ a relatable idea to anyone who’s ever felt alone than when surrounded by thousands of people.  Stephen M Deusner of pitchfork says of Malin’s last album; ‘this is the New York of our collective imagination peopled with dreamers and artists, gutter saints and garage bands.’  The CD is an unintentional soundtrack to Jack Kerouac’s essential angst-ridden reading On The Road.
With his last album welcomed to wide acclaim, his forthcoming release is on everyone’s radar. “New York Before the War is a metaphor for surviving in an ever-changing, rapidly desensitized world, while trying to find a way to live truly,” Malin states, and it seems this idea hasn’t strayed far from his mind with his upcoming album. Malin easily forges unsolicited bonds with his listeners hoping for exactly the same thing he is; a warmconnection in a cold world.
Jesse Malin Tour Dates
9/19 – Irving Plaza – New York, NY with Chuck Ragan
10/8 – Thunder Road – Boston, MA
10/9 – Firehouse 13 – Providence, RI
10/11 – Leopard Lounge – Buffalo, NY
10/14 – Lee’s Place – Toronto, ON
10/16 – Highdive – Champaign, IL
10/17 – Beachland Tavern – Cleveland, OH
10/18 – Club Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA
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