Jate Hemms: The Devil’s Science: Cinematic New Book, Hailed “Greatest Novel Ever Read” by Critics, Sees Lucifer and Aliens Clash in Ultimate Fight for Earth

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Excerpt of a Review by Gary Roen (Mid-West Book Review & many other Publications)

“The Devil’s Science Book I” combines science fiction, horror and religion very well in substantial doses. One of the most interesting portions are the conversations the main character has with the devil. They are fascinating as the devil lays out a plan for the world that includes aliens, the space ship Voyager and an extremely demented therapist. The story is filled with interesting characters with a writing style the moves the story along to a very thought-provoking ending. “The Devil’s Science” entices the reader to turn pages marveling how well he’s combined genres that is an exciting addition to the thriller category of fiction.

The Devil’s Science: Cinematic New Book, Hailed “Greatest Novel Ever Read” by Critics, Sees Lucifer and Aliens Clash in Ultimate Fight for Earth


Masterfully crafted by Jate Hemms, ‘The Devil’s Science: Book 1 – In the Beginning’ fuses fact with fiction, as the story of the Voyager Space Probe takes a dark and disturbing twist. An evil alien race have discovered the probe, and plan to use its intelligence to invade earth, take the planet as their own, and consume every single person as food. But the Devil is also battling for such a privilege, leading to a gripping and unique race between technology and magic, where the winner gets Earth. This is the first volume of a trilogy, and one with a vital fundraising mission for the victims on 9/11.


Kissimmee, Florida – While most authors use their first release to do nothing but simply test the literary waters, Florida’s Jate Hemms is quickly proving that a debut novel is also an opportunity to rival the bestsellers. In the first installment of ‘The Devil’s Science’ trilogy, Hemms bends genres, forces readers to reconsider everything they thought about the “good” of technology and defies all literary convention.

‘In the Beginning’ is as fascinating and thought-provoking as it is dark; a reminder to humanity that our own attempts to explore beyond known realms could spark our ultimate downfall.


Almost forty years ago we launched the “Voyager Space Probe”.  It was a feat of human ingenuity. The craft explored the outer planets, sending back information and images to expand our knowledge of this universe. When its mission was complete, Voyager left our solar system for interstellar space. Although we stayed in contact with it, we felt its mission was over….but we were wrong.  The moment it left our solar system it was detected by an alien race who were unaware of our location. With intelligence and technology centuries beyond ours, we would stand no chance against this enemy. Our only hope would be to wield a force beyond that of science and man. But what will be the ultimate cost of using such a power? Technology vs. Magic – Winner gets Earth.

“This novel throws up an interesting prospect. As humans, we believe we dominate technology and its advances. But, what would happen if an alien race actually superseded our technological capabilities?” asks Hemms. “This is what we explore in this adventure; how technologies from two different worlds could clash to spark a deadly war.”

Continuing, “But, aside from its story, this project also has a deeply-personal fundraising aspect.  I owned and operated an Injury Law Firm in New York State for over a decade, before moving to Florida in 1998. I was deeply moved by the thousands of heroes who showed up to help with 9/11 clean-up operation, only to be denied treatment and benefits required to assist with the injuries they sustained. I’m donating a percentage of the proceeds of the book to a new foundation I will be creating, tasked with the goal of opening a firm in New York City to fight for their rights.”

Hemms’ goal certainly has promise, with critics scrambling to leave rave reviews. John M. comments, “Greatest novel ever read; Ultimate page turner from beginning to end; A must read above all other books from any Genre’. Will buy the complete set when it becomes available. Not a good idea to put this book down and not finish it in one sitting; too good to be true.”

Thomas W. adds, “I got an early copy to review. An incredible adventure. No boring or slow parts here. Excellent for both heavy readers and first timers. Written in Play or Movie-Script format, makes it easy to read for those who are not used to Novels. The perfect combination of Science Fiction and Horror. An exciting start to a Trilogy. Definitely “Book to Movie” material. Can’t wait for Book 2 & Book 3 !!”

‘The Devil’s Science: Book 1 – In the Beginning’, from Page Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1hQG4N9.



About the Author:

Jate Hemms was born and raised in upstate NY in a middle income family.  After discovering he was an exceptional student in High School, he graduated top of his class and moved to the closest city, where he went to a local Community College and graduated with a Double Associate’s Degree.  Realizing he had a passion to help the Handicapped and Disabled in the Court of Law, he then obtained four more College degrees and took the NYS Workers’ Compensation Bar Exam, to which he passed on the very first attempt. Mr. Hemms Loves the Law and Science and legally represented thousands of clients throughout the nineties.  But now Jate has created a Novel that is leaving its mark by combining Science Fiction and Horror, which has readers and the literary world standing up and taking notice of this first time author and his tremendous Creative Prowess.


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