Jane Carter Barrett’s Antonía Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore [River Grove Books, February 9, 2016]

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With summer fast approaching, what could be better than sitting by the beach with a good book. But what type of book makes for the best vacation read—romance? Comedy? Adventure? Or a book that combines the best of all three.


Enter Jane Carter Barrett’s Antonía Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore [River Grove Books, February 9, 2016], which follows the wildly witty adventures of Mary, Queen of Scots’ fictional daughter. An unconventional period romance that hums with energy, wordplay, swordplay, and a touch of melodrama, Antonia Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore follows heroine Antonia Barclay as she embarks on a quest to find her real mother, Mary Queen of Scots, as well as the long-lost Scottish Royal Sceptre. Along the way, Sir Basil Throckmorton, a well-known villain and alchemist, kidnaps the beautiful Antonia and plans to use her to pave his way to the English throne. If Mr. Claymore, Antonia’s partner in love, does not find her soon, she will be forced to wed Sir Basil, and both Scotland and England will fall under his control.


Filled with romance and adventure, Antonia Barclay and Her Scottish Claymore pairs the beloved qualities of the period romance genre with a refreshingly independent, well-rounded heroine for readers to root for.


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