“Is affordable alternative air travel the future?”

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“Is affordable alternative air travel the future?”

Consider this:

>> Everyone hates air travel. Long wait times, security lines, crowds, and hidden fees are only the tip of the iceberg. They are the realities of air travel that everyone has come to accept, without question.

But does it have to be that way?

According to travel industry expert Rudd Davis—CEO of alternative air service Blackbird [http://www.flyblackbird.com/]—it shouldn’t be, but it is. The average American has no alternative to commercial airlines. That’s why airlines take liberties—charging exorbitant fees and even hurting customers.

Hoping to force the aviation industry to keep up—or die out—Rudd masterminded a disruptive business model with an equivalent price bracket (or cheaper) than commercial flights—disproving the old stereotype that alternative travel is a luxury reserved for the rich.

That’s how Blackbird was born. It picks up where today’s airlines leave off by:


Commercial airlines have tried to make good customer service a luxury for the wealthy—charging exorbitant fees for basic services like luggage. But that’s not where the industry is headed—at least not on Blackbird’s watch.


Blackbird offers seats on private flights to popular destinations (think Palo Alto to Tahoe) starting at $125. That’s comparable to a commercial flight, but without the bureaucracy and outdated systems.


Flying should be as routine as a daily commute—but without the traffic. By circumventing long lines, hidden fees, and crowds, Blackbird brings air travel closer in line with car travel.


Blackbird specializes in flying into smaller cities that aren’t well served by commercial airlines. With access to 5,000 cities throughout the USA, it helps people to get where they need to go without making a big commute.

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