Interview with Tanisha Belnap and Emilio Dosal with the 2014 So You Think You Can Dance Tour

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Interview questions by: Don of Media

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November 15, 2014

SYTYCDSo You Think You Can Dance, the 13-time Primetime Emmy® Award-winning show that sparked America’s fascination with dance, is set to captivate audiences in Sarasota, FL as they make their stop on the live, nationwide 2014 So You Think You Can Dance Tour Friday, November 21st at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.

Fall’s hottest ticket will feature this season’s most popular routines, as well as original pieces created specifically for the nationwide tour. 19 Entertainment and dick clark productions will present audiences around the country with the opportunity to experience the action brought into their living rooms each week on the beloved summer series, with a variety of sizzling, one-of-a-kind dance routines they have come to expect from their favorite dancers.

The Season 11 tour lineup includes the following Top 10 finalists: Ricky Ubeda, Valerie Rockey, Jessica Richens, Zack Everhart, Casey Askew, Jacque LeWarne, Rudy Abreu, Tanisha Belnap, Bridget Whitman, and Emilio Dosal.

The official tour routing and ticketing is available on


Tanisha ResizedTanisha Belnap, 20
Payson, UT
Tanish Belnap, who currently lives in Payson, UT where she was born and raised, began dancing at the age of 4 in aspiration of being like her ten older siblings, who all danced.   She soon found her passion in dance at age 9, and has been hooked ever since. Dance is her greatest outlet, and where she feels she can reach out and make a difference in the lives around her.

What inspires you to dance? What should the viewer take away, interpretation or a message you wish to convey?

I feel as though my inspiration comes from life itself. The gift of life is truly a blessing and that is so inspiring to me. I want people to take away gratitude for life and just to take a second an be grateful for the life they have.

What are your hobbies and does this help you with your dancing?

My hobbies are spending time being active with my family and participating at a daycare center for children

How do you think you will be different after this tour?

This tour has given me a new drive to make a difference. I feel motivated to inspire and help those in need.

What are your goals after this tour?

My goals after this tour are to travel to Haiti as participate in humanitarian programs for orphanages

Do you have favorite personal quotes you either heard or have made yourself?

“Dancing is not what makes me who I am, but it is who I am that makes me a dancer” -Tanisha


Emilio ResizedEmilio Dosal, 23
Houston, TX
Emilio Dosal was born and raised in Houston, Texas and moved to Los Angeles, California 3 years ago. He began dancing in 2009, and has trained a lot over the past few years in popping, hip hop, house and conceptual movement. His favorite style of dance is popping.

Some of Emilio’s career highlights include America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6 Champions in the I.aM.mE Crew, traveling to several different countries teaching dance over the last three years, as well as becoming a professional dancer working on Disney, Nickelodeon and more. Emilio aspires to continue to teach around the world, and would like to establish himself as a choreographer in the next 3 to 5 years.

If you could give advice for aspiring younger dancers, what did you discover about the industry that you would want others to know about?

The advice I would always give is to always push yourself to learn, there is so much in the world of dance to learn from that will essentially make you a better dancer/technician in your own style.

What are your goals after this tour?

I’m hoping to land a roll in an upcoming movie that’s being directed by NappyTabs, then hopefully after that start landing some teaching jobs in conventions because I absolutely love to teach!

What are your hobbies and does this help you with your dancing?

One of my favorite hobbies is going to a tricking gym called JAM (Joining All Movement) & practicing my tricking with my good friends & improving in my flips, that essentially helps me book jobs.

What was your reaction and your feelings when you were called to be on SYTYCD? What was the audition like and did you believe you would be on it?

Well my story is a bit different. I had actually auditioned for SYTYCD season 10 & made it to the Top 20. Sadly in the first rehearsal for the show I got into an accident with one of the other contestants & had to be taken out of the competition because I had to undergo surgery. But I was given a pass to LA callback week for season 11, & in that year before I worked hard to improve in my craft so making it back to the top 20 was such an amazing feeling & I was so excited to show people why I deserved to be there.

Do you have favorite personal quotes you either heard or have made yourself?

My favorite quote that also brought me to the point that I am in my life now:

“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho





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