Interview with Lorynn York, a former professional ballerina and now a model and actress that has roles in 2 Lava 2 Lantula; The Carpenter’s Daughter; Whitney; The Babysitters Black Book; Eastbound & Down; Iron Man 3 and Safe Haven

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May 8, 2016
Coordinated by Ash Louise Davies of October Coast PR


Lorynn York, photo credit Lorynn YorkWhat was the one event, or series of small events that lead you to consider a career in acting?

One day, I fell into modeling and that led into acting, which then lead to me booking my first indie feature film in Wilmington North Carolina called “11:11.” I fell in love with being on set.

According to your profile, how does being trained as a ballerina helped with modeling and acting?

Today it helps with my work ethic. A dancer must have outstanding focus and concentrated work ethic. I have carried this into my work as an actress and it has benefited me a lot

Why acting? Do you see yourself doing anything in live theatre?

Acting is the most wonderful experience for a human soul. You have the opportunity to live in every possible life situation. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be yourself in the 1800s? I will one day “live” that life. I 100% see myself doing live theater, it’s the purest form of the craft in my opinion. You will never be more “in the moment” than in a live theater production.

What was the most challenging acting scene during your career? What was the most funny?

I was challenged recently while filming flight 192. It was windy and freezing at Long Beach when the sun was going down. The location was supposed to be set in Miami on a hot summer night. I had to be extremely emotional and scared for my life. We were running out of time just after the sun went down for perfect lighting! I really had to pull everything together and rely on my preparation work I did the night before. It was difficult to fight the elements and act at the same time under a time crunch!

The funniest – I was auditioning for a pretty big film. I was wearing sticky boobs with a sun dress. (For those of you who don’t know, sticky boobs are just a bra with no straps that stick to your skin) In the middle of my read, one of my sticky boobs fell to the floor from under my dress. Snack! Right on the floor. Fun times.

What advice would have given your younger self that you know now?


Lorynn York, photo credit Lorynn YorkWhat advice would you give to aspiring actors?

WORK HARDER. It really takes work to book one job. Thousands of people audition for one role on a film. Research the best agencies, acting classes, submit yourself and do senior thesis projects at film schools.

What was the most shocking reality about working in the film industry that only insiders know about, that the general public may not know about?

It’s not as glamorous as it looks! It’s competitive and hard. Most people average about 50 NO’s to 1 yes. I cannot stress enough that one must focus and work very hard to stand out in their first read for a role. Also, be prepared for long hours and lack of sleep. I personally love the long hours on set, but some people don’t realize that sometimes, one 2 minute convo takes 4 hours to shoot!

If you could go back in time and had the opportunity, what top 5 movies would have have liked to worked in and how you would have done that role differently or better?

I would have loved to shoot

1 – the notebook

2 – the Danish girl


4 – Dirty dancing

and 5 – parent trap

I cannot say id do anything better if I were in these films, but I would have been honored to step into the actors shoes. These are some of my favorite movies. The acting is exquisite in the Danish Girl and SICARIO. Dirty Dancing and Parent Trap will always be two of my all time favorite movies. And I chose The Notebook, because I want to some day experience the on screen chemistry between Rachel and Ryan.

Do you have any favorite organizations you like to support or bring attention to?

The Groundlings shows are the best hidden date night plans in Los Angeles. GO SEE A SHOW. They’re hilarious. My favorite cast members from the movie Bridesmaids came from Groundlings. I equally love UCB improv shows. Can you tell I am a huge improv fan?

How can others follow you?


Per IMDb website: May 8, 2016

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lorynn York excelled in the Arts at a young age. Lorynn trained as a ballerina at the prestigious School of American Ballet in NYC and at the Chautauqua Institute in New York. She performed on the professional stage under the direction of Victoria Morgan at the Cincinnati Ballet as a young girl.

Lorynn started her acting career during high school with a small role on The TV Movie Shelter. Now represented by Osbrink Talent, she has had small roles in the Movie Rosemont, directed by Daniel Petrie Jr,, Whitney, directed by Angela Bassett and co-star roles on the television shows The Neighbors and Anatomy of Violence, Lifetime Networks Babysitter’s Black Book, directed by Lee Friedlander, Lifetime’s The Perfect Daughter, directed by Brian Herzlinger, Lifetime’s The Broken Promise, directed by Nadeem Soumah, She also has a National Commercial and billboard.


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