Interview with Bianca Ryan 2006 winner of season one of America’s Got Talent

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November 27, 2017

1. With your national debut of the fiercely competitive “America’s Got Talent” on NBC when you were 11 years old, you took the stage as if you belonged. How much preparation was needed to make yourself comfortable in doing so and singing the song that made you win over the Judges?

(Bianca Ryan) Not too much actually! Haha I was always pretty comfortable after the first few seconds of hitting the stage! I had only been singing for about 2 or 3 years before I tried out for AGT so it was all still pretty new to me. Once I got picked for the show though, I definitely practiced a lot and I was trying my hardest to really work on my stage performance so that I could impress them.


2. When you got a “virus paralyzed your vocal cords” what caused it? What were your thoughts going through that not knowing the exact outcome?

(Bianca Ryan) My ENT had told me that it was most likely due to a random virus I may have had that I didn’t even know it was doing any damage. After AGT I was singing a lot a touring the world, so whether I was sick or not, I had to go out and perform. When I found out about that years later when I went to an ENT, I was absolutely heartbroken. I thought it was going to be the end of my singing career. I just kept praying.

3. What do you hope the audience take away from your live performances?

(Bianca Ryan) I hope the audience really just takes away hope. I don’t know how after so many unfortunately surgeries regarding my health, I’m not, not even a year out of recovery, able to stand on stage and perform on BROADWAY. Seriously… It’s amazing and I feel so honored and so blessed.
Everything is meant to be. I truly feel like this was meant to be and that good things will happen to those who don’t give up in dark times.

4. While growing up, from child to adulthood, what challenges were encountered during your musical career and how was it overcome?

(Bianca Ryan) It was definitely hard re-inventing myself and finding my new sound and a good balance between fitting the trends of music today, and then also incorporating the real talents of musicianship and vocal performance. It’s been a ton of fun though experimenting with styles like EDM music and then going back to my roots and performing an acoustic Amy Winehouse song live!

5. What current projects you are working on?

(Bianca Ryan) Well, I’m here in NYC for the holidays performing on Broadway 8+ shows a week so that’s keeping me fairly busy. I have some new songs I am currently writing and planning to record soon. I also plan on coming out with a new music video for one of my singles in the New Year. WOOHOO!

6. What advice would you have given your younger self that you know now?

(Bianca Ryan) I would tell myself to not be so stressed out! If you’re not having fun, you’re not going it right. The more fun you have, the less you will think about technicality. It’s all about enjoying yourself. If you’re not enjoying yourself and the experiences around you, it won’t be worth it in the end.

7. What are some fun things others should know about you?

(Bianca Ryan) I love exploring and keeping everyone up to date on my life on my Instagram Story. I love staying active and giving people advice. I’ve actually been told that I’m very good at motivating people and getting them on the right track with their goals and dreams. It’s probably because I think that EVERYTHING is possible and that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE and that’s how any advice or guidance should be explained. I love exploring and watching movies and collaborating with other artists.

8. Do you have any charitable organizations you care about?

(Bianca Ryan) Yes I love Operation Smile where they operate on children from low income countries who are born with cleft lips and help them find their beautiful smile again. I also support  LoveYourMelon. GO BUY A BEANIE AND FIGHT CANCER! <3 xoxo


Biography from as of November 27, 2017

By the age of 11, Bianca Ryan had already made history as the very first winner of America’s Got Talent on NBC, released her major label debut, and earned public praise from the likes of Quincy Jones and Simon Cowell who described her as “potentially one of the best singers I have ever heard in my life.” In between constant touring, the Philadelphia-based singer and songwriter recorded the fan favorite True Meaning of Christmas EP in 2009 with producer Anthony Marinelli [Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie] and the Christmas Everyday EP which features “Why Couldn’t It Be Christmas Everyday?” that has over 2.26 million Spotify streams and has been added to compilations alongside Justin Bieber and Kelly Clarkson. Shining on the big screen, she starred in the 2014 film We Are Kings. Meanwhile, her 2015 independent single “Alice” clocked over 1.7 million YouTube views and 959K Spotify streams and counting. World-renowned for her expansive range, powerful delivery, and seismic energy, Bianca won the hearts of millions, and her journey had only just begun.

However, everything almost fell apart…

“A virus paralyzed my vocal cords,” she sighs. “I was losing stamina on stage. When we found out what happened, there was a good chance I would never sing again. It was absolutely crushing and terrifying.”

At the end of 2016, she underwent a series of surgeries, culminating with operations on her vocal cords and stomach. Shocking doctors and voice coaches alike, her range actually increased by three notes on the low end and five notes on the high end. Bianca kept the story quiet until now.

“For me, it’s a miracle to be singing the way that I am after all of the surgeries,” she admits. “It was like I had to relearn an instrument. I feel like my voice hasn’t ever been healthier. All of that poured into my songwriting. People will finally get to hear where I’ve been. I’ve been here the whole time; I just haven’t been able to give everybody new music. I never wanted to tell anyone what happened. It came to a point where I just had to be honest with the fans, because they’ve been the most supportive of me. It’s time to share this story.”

That’s exactly what she does on her brand new EP. Working with producer Scott Stallone in Philadelphia, the 22-year-old songstress personally wrote all six songs as well as aiding in production and arrangement for the first time.

“I’ve told other people’s stories for so long and performed covers, but I feel like this is the first opportunity for listeners to hear directly from me,” she goes on. “With everything I went through, I really found myself through music. It’s been exciting to grow as a writer. This is literally who I am. I’m not just a photo on the cover. I’m behind it. I even learned Logic to make this as close to my heart as possible and be involved in every aspect.”

The first single “One Day” kicks off Bianca’s next chapter. Over sunny production, thick beats, and handclaps, her voice immediately captivates. She swings from a distinct groove on the verses to an empowering and inspiring chant.

“I wanted to write an anthem for everyone who has been told their dream is too far away,” she explains. “For me, I had been thinking, ‘One day, I’m going to put this music out. One day, I’m going to reveal what I’ve gone through. One day, I’m going to inspire.’ We hear the words, ‘One day…’ a lot. If you don’t put in any effort to get there, that one day can’t happen. Perseverance comes before anything. The lyrics talk about how I fought the lion and beat it in the end. That’s where the concept came from.”

Elsewhere, “Man Down” begins with resounding piano chords before unraveling into a vivid narrative about “how love is like a war zone.” Then, there’s “What I Gotta Do,” which seamlessly fuses an unabashedly eighties vibe with a 21st century spark connected via Bianca’s vibrant voice.

“I’ve put my heart and soul into all of these songs,” she says. “I want people to take away inspiration. In many ways, this feels like the first thing I’ve ever put out.”

Ultimately, fans everywhere will get to know Bianca like never before.

“I’m somebody who’s not second-guessing myself or my music anymore,” she leaves off. “I’m not second-guessing my talent or my confidence either. I feel like I’m the strongest person I’ve ever been. If I can go through the last ten years, I can basically do anything. I really want to inspire others, because I think a lot of people can identify with my story.”


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