In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World By Jan Arnow

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Author Jan Arnow Doesn’t Think We Have A Problem With Violence In Our Country – She Knows We Do

Louisville, KY, July 6, 2015 – Jan Arnow, internationally renowned expert and author of In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World (Butler Books), doesn’t think we have a problem with violence among young people, she thinks we have a thousand problems with violence – and we’re dying a painful death from a thousand cuts! “How much is enough? When is it time to stop the violence?” she asks.

Jan Arnow has devoted her entire career to helping end the violence among young people in America and she knows there is no one standard example for violence.  It’s just not that simple because so many things contribute to making it a violent society, but the shocking truth is revealed in these heartbreaking statistics. Every day in our nation:

–    Boys who witness domestic violence are twice as likely to be an abuser as an adult
–    Seven children or teenagers are killed by firearms
–    187 children are arrested for violent crimes
–    1,837 children are identified as abused or neglected
–    2,857 high school students drop out

We’re seeing more and more violent acts from young men – as evidenced by the latest tragedy in Charleston, SC. Our daily lives are so entrenched in some form of violence or another that young people are becoming de-sensitized to it. Violence enters our homes through many avenues; video games, social media, crime-based TV shows and news reports of hate crimes, bullying, school shootings and domestic violence.  In her book, Arnow makes the connections that have been widely ignored before and believes unequivocally that this violence can be stopped. She has dedicated her life to helping improve the lives of young people and her book provides over 400 actionable tips that can make this a reality!

“There are more than 61,000 youth residing around the country in juvenile detention centers or correctional facilities – there as a result of poor social mentorship and not knowing how to resolve conflicts,” says Arnow. Growing up in an abusive household and exposed to violence firsthand became the driving force behind her passion to create a more peaceful life for generations to come.

The perfect resource for parents, teachers, counselors, law enforcement and clergymen, her well-researched book provides a balance of case studies, true stories, and actionable tips on what we can do today to stop bullying and violence in our schools; strategies for Law Enforcement, School administrators, and Counselors to help stop street violence; breaking the cycle of abuse that comes from growing up in an abusive family, and outlines the violence continuum that takes us from birth to the death of a child.

The founder and executive director of Innovations in Peacemaking International, Jan Arnow is an internationally recognized lecturer and authority on multicultural education, violence abatement, prejudice reduction, creativity, and leadership. She is a highly respected and award-winning author of nine books and scores of articles for a variety of national magazines. She is currently working on a teacher’s and community guide to In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World, as well as a new peace curriculum for schools, houses of worship, and neighborhood centers. She also travels to carry her violence abatement strategies to communities throughout the world.

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In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World
By Jan Arnow
Publisher:  Butler Books
ISBN 978-1-935497-96-7
Available online:


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review: “[Book] blends a collection of case studies and true stories with tips that adults can use to protect kids from everything from bullying and school shootings to violence in television and video games, and is a fine gathering of statistics, stories, and insights on the world’s increasing violence and its threats to kids. This is where most books end, but [this book] goes a step further, packing in over 400 solutions to stopping the effects of violence: methods school administrators, parents, psychologists and pastors alike can employ…In the Line of Fire is a solid guide packed with invaluable blends of data, case histories, and actionable recommendations. No parent, teacher, or childcare worker should be without this unique reference.”

Maryum “May May” Ali, Peace Activist, Gang Prevention Specialist, and Daughter of Muhammad Ali: “[Book] is a comprehensive plan of action for creating environments that will enhance the emotional, social, and physical well-being of children. … She thoroughly identifies the dynamics of problems that youth face and shares proven strategies and resources. This book is filled with best practices that will have long-term, positive effects on children. The broad scope of information it covers provides the knowledge base needed to create healthier environments for our youth and help equip them with the social skills and protective factors necessary to thrive well into adulthood.”

Baraka Paulette Uwingeneye, Psychologist and Counselor, International Justice Mission, Kigali, Rwanda: “Jan Arnow is a peace voice that is worth listening to. With her international experience in the violent world, expect to be challenged, inspired, and equipped by this book.”

Tom Hanley, Assistant Director, Business Development, and Principal Education Specialist, Eastern Stream Center on Resources and Training, Oneonta, NY: “Jan Arnow’s books, like Jan herself, are based in reality. Her take on any situation is always practical with an eye toward personal action. Your kids are going to grow up in a violent world, but with Jan’s help, you can help them navigate a safer course to a more peaceful and happy life.”


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