Improving And Maintaining Good Health Through Asian Medicine, Living the EnerQi Connection Manifesting Positive Change by Sheri Laine, L.Ac Diplomat of Acupuncture

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Improving And Maintaining Good Health Through Asian Medicine

Living the EnerQi Connection Manifesting Positive Change

Sheri Laine, L.Ac Diplomat of Acupuncture

Los Angeles, CA, March 3, 2015 – Many of us have heard the words Eastern/ Chinese/Asian medicine, acupuncture, and chi, but we don’t really understand what they mean or the long tradition behind the culture of it. We are westerners. We are used to doctors in white lab coats rushing to meet with us and write a prescription for whatever problem we have at the moment. Living the EnerQi Connection (HCI Books – $12.95) presents a new idea to health, medicine, and introduces us to what those words really mean.

The book discusses Asian medicine as a whole, but one of the main points that it touches on is qi (pronounced “chee” and sometimes spelled chi). This is the energy that is constantly circling through our bodies. Sometimes the flow of our qi can become blocked in some way, because we’re tired or run down which can leave our bodies susceptible to illness. Sheri Laine, L.Ac, has developed a way through Asian medicine to help us maintain our health and keep our qi flowing.

In this book Laine presents the L.A.I.N.E. system, which stands for: Learn, Align, Inform, Natural, and Energy. Each chapter of the book explains a part of her system to give us a better understanding of the concepts of the energy in our bodies and the energy around us. This will help us to take a more active stance on our lives, our health and our healing.

Laine shows us moments from her childhood when she loved to play doctor to her friends and family, giving them shots by sticking them with cactus needles and giving them medicine from the plants in her back yard. Many years later she is doing this again, but she is no longer playing make-believe. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are a powerful way for Laine to help enhance our qi and energy.

Sheri Laine studied for many years under the Chinese medicine master, Richard The-Fu Tan Tan. It is a long tradition that an apprentice study under a master for many years to get such an extensive knowledge of the medicine, the science, and the tradition behind it. This is how Laine is able to help us understand the concepts for ourselves so that we may apply them in our lives. She is the president of Eastern Medical Arts, a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist, with a focus on Integrative Lifestyle Medicine.

“Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light. – Theodore Roethke

Oriental Medicine draws from nature to diagnose internal medical challenges. We have all admired a great majestic tree. Your health is like that great majestic tree. The roots are your immune system, your qi essence, and the power of your qi essence. The branches of your tree are your subjective symptoms of a greater imbalance. The problem is not in a bad branch; it actually lies in the roots of the tree and within the soil that nourishes the tree, what is the underlying cause of distress?”

– Chapter 2: Drawing from Nature: The Elements of EnerQi

About the Author
Sheri Laine is a licensed L.Ac acupuncturist, a Diplomat in Acupuncture, and founder of the L.A.I.N.E system, author, lecturer, and educator. She is a frequent speaker at national conferences, a columnist for Counselor magazine, and a regular contributor to Recovery View online journal. Visit her at

Living the EnerQi Connection: Manifesting Positive Change
Sheri Laine, L.Ac
ISBN: 9780757318191 – $12.95 – December 2014

Available online and at bookstores everywhere or to order directly from the publisher, contact: (800) 441-5569 or
Living the EnerQi Connection: Manifesting Positive Change
ISBN: 9780757318191 – $12.95 – December 2014

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