Howard Eisenberg’s New Hanukkah Book for Children to inspire young authors invited to Write Your Own Ending!

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Howard Eisenberg’s New Hanukkah Book for Children to inspire young authors invited to Write Your Own Ending!
Young Readers can submit their own endings to a new Hanukkah children’s book, The Amazing Adventures of Super Dreidel.
Young readers will be invited to submit alternative endings to a forthcoming Hanukkah book due from Mascot Press in mid-November, 2018.
Howard Eisenberg, the 92 Year Old, NYC Author, Playwright, Toddler Poet Laureate, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather has published, The Amazing Adventures of Superdreidel. The first of a new series from in which two blank pages suddenly appear at a key moment in the story and children are invited to either stop reading and write their own denouement or continue to the author’s finale and then return at their leisure to those pages to write their own.
To celebrate aspiring young authors, the fresh endings can be e-mailed to the author, Howard Eisenberg,  who will send autographed copies of the first three books in the series to the three best entries submitted. 
The next two books in the series will be The Dinosaur in the Elevator and Lost in the Guess Who Jungle.
This will be the first in a new series of Write Your Own Ending children’s books with two more written and soon to follow.
The Amazing Adventures of Superdreidel is themed to Hanukkah (which begins Dec. 3 2018.)  Toward its end, as a Greek army fighting elephant is about to trample the two children, the author stops the story and two blank pages follow. Here’s where young readers can choose to read on or exercise their imaginations and write an ending of their own and compare theirs after finishing the book.
His other books include The Guess Who Zoo, Farm & Neighborhood
Like Write Your Own Ending books, Howard’s Guess Who Books are
“fun that educates.” The bear, racoon, skunk, other animal and people poems (postman, nanny, mom and dad, and other zoo, farm and neighborhood poems) have clues in every line with the last word left blank to challenge and entertain pre-k and older children.
Howard’s most recent book for parents and grandparents, Adorable Scoundrels, poems to make you laugh, when you feel like crying, inspired by his beloved late wife, Arlene’ co-authorship of the original “What to Expect” books.
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