HeatherAsh Amara, author, inspirational speaker, and teacher: Springtime Is Here, Clean Your Inner Home; Release unrealistic expectations and break into the sunshine again

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Springtime Is Here: Clean Your Inner Home

Release unrealistic expectations and break into the sunshine again

Austin, TX, May 12, 2017 – It’s no secret that women today are juggling a lot. We now make up more than half the workforce in the United States and are busier than ever with partners, children, family, and friends, often putting the needs of others ahead of our own. And if we feel overwhelmed by it all or fall short of perfection, many of us have learned to be our own worst critic rather than our own best friend.

“Providing women with the antidote to the flawed idea: I am not enough.”

HeatherAsh Amara: author, inspirational speaker, and teacher

1. Note what needs to be cleaned without tracking in more dirt. You wouldn’t put on filthy work boots and stomp through your house to figure out what room in your home you wanted to clean first. Similarly, be careful not to bring a judgmental attitude into your inner home to help you assess what needs your immediate attention.

2. Time for action, one step at a time. Many times we want to clean up the environment of our inner and outer worlds, but if we focus on everything that needs to be done all at once, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and give up altogether.

3. Cleaning gossip. Your words are immensely powerful. Bring your attention to cleaning your communication with yourself and those in your life. One good place to focus on is gossip. Take a week to consciously refrain from any gossip.

HeatherAsh graduated from UC Davis in Davis, California in 1988. Upon graduation, she entered the business media world and began noticing the conscious and unconscious bias against women as she traversed the corporate landscape for 15 years. These “eye opening” experiences caused her to challenge the roles and rules that society has defined ― whether consciously or unconsciously ― for women. Over the past 10 years plus, she has travelled the world leading workshops, and lecturing to large audiences on how to integrate feminine strength into modern life.

For more information please visit: www.HeatherAshAmara.com.


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