Group.BR presents INSIDE THE WILD HEART An Immersive Theatrical Experience based on the works of Clarice Lispector

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Group.BR presents


An Immersive Theatrical Experience

based on the works of Clarice Lispector

October 18 – November 18, 2018

Benefit Performance: October 27, 2018

Group.BR, New York’s only Brazilian theatre company presents INSIDE THE WILD HEARTa fully immersive theatrical experience based on the works of Brazil’s most acclaimed Jewish writer, Clarice Lispector. The show will run from October 18 – November 18, 2018, Thursdays through Sundays at Aich Studios, 218 E. 25th Street, New York NY 10010, with a benefit performance on October 27, 2018. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Conceived by Group .BR co-founders Andressa Furletti and Debora Balardini, Inside the Wild Heart had a successful run in 2016 directed by Regina Miranda at Immersive Gallery, Williamsburg. Now the show finds its way to Aich Studios, a multilevel brownstone that fulfills the original vision, where a house becomes not only Clarice’s home but her inner world as well. Built in 1848, and converted to a foundry at the turn of the century, Aich will host this new, revamped production directed by Linda Wise, a long time master, and collaborator of the company. “Linda Wise has definitely lived up to our expectation as Andressa and I caught her up to our 3-year process of researching and developing this production” said Debora Balardini, Executive Director of Group .BR and one of the performers in the piece. This immersive theatrical experience integrates visual arts, film, music, and performance art.

“If you were you, how would you be and what would you do?” – Clarice Lispector

The moment you get Inside the Wild Heart, you are free to choose whom to follow, where to go, how much time you spend in each room. Be a spectator or an active participant while experiencing literature on a sensorial level. As Lispector reminds us: “Getting lost is also a way.”

I found the writing of Clarice Lispector extraordinary. Her literature is really out of the ordinary and extremely pertinent and challenging. I admire her writing and believe she is one of the most exceptional writers I have read. – director Linda Wise

With a full body of work translated into many languages, the worldwide literary scene is finally recognizing Lispector as not just a Brazilian or Latin American talent, but as one of the most important writers of our time. Benjamin Moser describes her as the most important Jewish writer since Franz Kafka and the New York Times lauds her as “An enigmatic author who can be addictive”. Lispector’s trademark stream-of-consciousness writing style is often compared to Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. In fact, Clarice’s Complete Stories was recognized among the best books of 2015, by the New York Times & the Boston Globe. The underlying thread across Lispector’s work is the questioning of oneself & humanity. Her work is universal, transcending ethnicity, race, religion, time, gender & place. Many people say that you don’t just read Clarice, you experience it.

Now, curious and enthusiasts of Clarice’s writings in New York will have the opportunity to experience her work through the performing arts and her themes of faith, freedom, madness, time, solitude, violence, identity, time, and love. “Clarice’s books put readers in contact with their inner world by establishing an intimate and close dialogue with them. This is one of the aspects of Clarice’s literature we want to be loyal to. That’s why the show is immersive and the audience and actors are so close to each other. That is how reading Clarice feels to me, almost like a gentle whisper in the ear.” points out Group .BR’s Artistic Director, Andressa Furletti.

The performance space is also available for Installation Visits on the weekends beginning 10/27: an opportunity to explore the venue outside of the performance.

Get Inside the Wild Heart and enjoy the art installations of the play. Take your time to watch videos, hear audio, leave your notes and take pictures.

Tickets for an Installation Visit are $15-20 and are available at * Please note that Installation Visit tickets do not include performance of the play.


October 18 – November 18, 2018

Thursday – Saturday at 8 PM

Sunday at 7 PM

Benefit performance on October 27th

Aich Studio – 218 E 25th St, New York, NY 10010


Conceived and Dramaturgy by ANDRESSA FURLETTI and DEBORA BALARDINI

Directed by LINDA WISE


Original score by SERGIO KRAKOWSKI

Costume design by JUSSARA LEE

Video design by PAUL LEOPOLD

Light design by CHARLIE JARBOE

Set design and art installations by MONTSERRAT VARGAS and ANDRESSA FURLETTI

Director Assistant STEPHANIE MACHADO

Stage Manager KRISTIN RION




Live music by: MARIO FORTE


* There will be partial nudity.

* After admission, the audience will embark in an individual journey and may stay Inside the Wild Heart for as long as they wish up to closing time.

* The performance lasts about 2 hours without intermission.

* The audience will be admitted 15 minutes prior to the performance time.

* Late admittance is at the discretion of Group .BR’s staff.

* This performance is not recommended for audience members who are not comfortable standing, walking and climbing stairs or being alone. We will try our best to accommodate to any special needs but we kindly ask patrons to contact the production in advance so we can discuss each case. Because of the immersive nature of this piece, audiences may be standing for several minutes at a time over the course of the performance. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

* The environment contains a number of textures, so as water, ink, clay and beverages that can potentially stain clothing or shoes. We do not take responsibility for patrons’ personal items and advise you to keep this in mind when dressing for the show.

* No under 16 years old unaccompanied is admitted. All participants MUST present a valid ID at the door.

* Audience members that act disrespectfully towards the performers, staff or other audience members will be asked to leave the Wild Heart with no refunds.

* Photography is permitted only without the use of flash. We kindly ask the audience to be mindful of not disturbing other audience members if taking pictures.

* Group .BR highly recommends people with severe food allergies to not accept any food or beverage that might be offered during the performance.

* There is a cat in the space. We kindly ask the audience to not chase it. People with cat allergy should be aware of the presence of the cat. As much as we keep the space clean, you may be in contact with cat’s hair.

* We encourage the audience to participate but respect their desire to participate or not.

* Scenes happen simultaneously, the audience is free to create their own journey and to get lost inside Clarice Lispector’s wild heart.

About Group .BR – | @groupdotbr |

Group .BR is New York’s only Brazilian theater company.Its mission is to present Brazilian culture through the performing arts to New York. It serves enthusiasts of multicultural arts, contemporary, physical and avant-garde theatre. Since its inception in 2011, the company has become known for its public readings, Brazilian cultural events, and fully produced theater performances and continues to serve as the voice of Brazilian culture beyond stereotypes. The company was nominated to the Innovative Theater Awards in 2014, received several nominations and earned Andressa Furletti an award for Best Actress at the 2017 Brazilian International Press Award.Group .BR’s partners for Inside the Wild Heart include Materials for the Arts (MFTA), PUNTO Space, the Nancy Quinn Fund, a program of the Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York (A.R.T/New York), New Directions, Natura Brasil, Leblon and Avianca Brasil.

About Aich Studio –

Aich Studio is one of the few remaining buildings in New York City that has preserved its original character and history. Built in 1848, and converted to a foundry at the turn of the century, Aich Studio offers three unique spaces: the Studio, the Loft, and the Apartment. The building features over 3000 Sq feet, 20 foot ceilings, skylights, an outdoor patio, and flexible interiors including kitchens. The space is ideal for a variety of activities including photo and video shoots, theater productions, interviews, talks, concerts, receptions, fashion events, and weddings. The building is zoned as a private business and is available 24/7.

About Clarice Lispector (1920 – 1977)

Clarice Lispector was a Brazilian writer acclaimed internationally for her innovative novels and short stories. Born to a Jewish family in Podolia in Western Ukraine, she later moved as an infant to Brazil with her family, amidst the disasters engulfing her native land following the First World War. While in law school in Rio, she began publishing her first journalistic work and short stories, catapulting to fame at the age of 23 with the publication of her first novel, Near to the Wild Heart (Perto do Coração Selvagem), written as an interior monologue in a style and language that was considered revolutionary in Brazil. In 1959, she began producing her most famous works, including the stories of Family Ties (Laços de Família), the great mystic novel The Passion According to G.H. (A Paixão Segundo G.H.), and Água Viva. Injured in an accident in 1966, she spent the last decade of her life in frequent pain, steadily writing and publishing novels and stories until her premature death in 1977. She has been the subject of numerous books, and references to her and her work are common in Brazilian literature and music. Several of her works have been turned into films. In 2009, the American writer Benjamin Moser published Why This World: A Biography of Clarice Lispector. Since that publication, her works have been the object of an extensive project of retranslation, published by New Directions Publishing and Penguin Modern Classics. She is the first Brazilian to enter that prestigious series.


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