Ga’briel Carter’s Faith Driven Messages Meet Street Beats & Urban Advocacy

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Double XXposure Media Relations
DoubleXXposure Media Relations
Rap’s New Shine is Activism’s Newest Beat
Ga’briel Carter’s Faith Driven Messages 
Meet Street Beats & Urban Advocacy
In an age that begs for positive and lyrically uplifting music, few think to look to the rap genre anymore. Once a medium that expressed the challenges and triumphs of urban life, it went from reflecting progressive movements to stereotyping them. Is there still a need for positive rap music? In answer to the question; rapper, drummer, and songwriter, Ga’briel Carter releases music to prove there is still some higher ground to climb.
Yet in a sea of hip-hop, and even with the growing presence of Christian emcees, Carter doesn’t push an average rapper’s agenda-one set on fame or blinged out success. Instead, the young musician uses all of his musical talents as a tool to reach the masses-particularly the youth-with a push toward better days. By using the internet to distribute his music around the world, Carter states his goals, “I want to keep bringing positive influences to people who still want good beats, but also lyrics that say life can be better and faith is valuable.” His independent releases are coupled with increasing social media campaigns, using them as the launchpad for not just his music but for youth advocacy, and promoting his newly forming nonprofit startup, Drumchop, Inc..
From 2011-2012, as a youth counselor he worked with the Tree Theatre Company in Montgomery, Alabama giving music lessons, mentoring, and hosting drum offs with up to five drummers playing in sync. Now, after having taught and mentored students for over ten years, the percussion prodigy has grown to share his gifts and advocacy in churches, schools, and youth groups in cities throughout the country with Drumchop. As a means to release (through the drumming focus called ‘chopping’) tensions in the community, and promote anger management and aggression diversion in youth; his workshops and performances take his fiery delivery and energetic drumming into real purpose. Youth are gaining a newfound means of directing their own fire and developing a love of music as something positive and constructive. By culminating his workshops in a group drum-off and offering youth who complete the course a chance to perform live with his band, he introduces them to receptive audiences for the first time. With his methods, he pushes the music, and the people needing it to heal by it, a little higher.
Life has gotten really challenging and lives are constantly on the line. Tempers are like tripwires and so people need a release-especially kids. That rage has to go somewhere, what better way than through chopping?” says Carter about how he utilizes this drummer’s term.
Ga’briel Carter was born in the country of Panama where his Airman father was stationed for several years. His skills as a drummer in churches and at regional events was recognized and cultivated from the age of 4. His family returned to the states, first to Arizona, followed by a move to Montgomery, Alabama and before entering high school he began exploring rap and Hip Hop. By the time he was fifteen, he had gained popularity as one-half of the duo, “S.W.A.T. Team” with his brother, Stephen Carter (now a photo journalist/editor for CBC News). He found doors opening to perform both as a rapper and as a highly sought after drummer touring in multiple cities across the U.S..

Once he went solo, Carter met up with Rod Jackson who spotted him after he won a talent show and offered to produce his music videos. He has also generated the attention of producers such as Lindz Prag, and Bao Pham (who has produced songs for artists such as T.I. and others). His music and the accompanying music videos, like for “See What I Been Thru,” join regional tours and other singles from his digitally released LP “On My Own,” and altogether show audiences the pure evolution of a spirited performing artist. His videos offer a mini-movie theme with motivating beats and rhymes that underscore a message of striving against the odds. With the heart and soul (and occasional hooks) of a gospel singer, yet using the flow and spit skills of a master rhymer, Carter delivers on all of his other hot releases, such the single “On My Own EDM Remix” featuring Brittany Friday (Produced by Linz Prag). Recent media press show that his sounds are being heard not just in the gospel/Christian rap genre context, but for its overall merit as a contribution to hip-hop:

Says Carter, “I’ve been exploring new styles as I write new music, especially my hooks. You can say I’ve been stretching my vocal chords a little. My outlet or my therapy is partly being on stage and sharing a part of me to my audience. So I desired to give people, especially the kids, a chance to have a release method, and share a part of themselves through music too.”
With a fast-growing fan base, he and his Glory Bangers crew gather in many of his videos to tell a story that any music lover wants to hear-that life is possible no matter what you’ve been through. Carter’s audience has kept growing since the release of compilations such as “I’m Free” and his videos and music are now available on all social media platforms including:
YouTube, soundcloud (, FB Fan Page: (, Instagram (gabrielcartermusic) & Twitter (Mrmiguel3).
After a summer taping for a future TBN produced program, he will appear this fall on October 8, 2016 at the Meaningful Music Showcase in Atlanta, Ga and on October 26, 2016 at the Student Rally for Trenholm State University, with more live performance scheduled throughout the remainder of the year. There are also more singles planned for release after his latest drop of “Fly High” on ITunes {} and listeners can anticipate additional music videos as well. As Ga’briel Carter flies onward, he makes sure his audience stays not just entertained, but motivated toward higher ground as well.
on ITunes

Here he is in action on his cut “We Ready” which shows as a performer, there is no doubt that he is…

Ga’briel Miguel Carter is the president, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Drum Chop. He is a professional recording artist, mentor, instructor, and entrepreneur. He has run his own sales enterprises since the age of 18, was a nationally award-winning employee of a major corporate brand, and an independent owner of a line of nutritional products. He is currently completing his senior year at Auburn University of Alabama, majoring in information systems.
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Upcoming Gigs
10/08/16 Atlanta, Meaningful Music Showcase 
10/26/16 Montgomery, Trenholm State University 
Ga’Briel Carter is ready to inspire & motivate with interviews and live performances for hip-hop, Christian, youth oriented, as well as mainstream media. 
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