FST Improv Presents A Summer Of Laughter

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(Sarasota, FL) This summer we hope you’ll get a six pack from laughing so hard – because there are four completely different FST Improv shows to see – not to mention the Sarasota Improv Festival in July. What if you could play the lottery and be guaranteed a winner? What if you could not only get front row seats to the newest Summer Blockbuster but you could even control how it ends? What if you could resurrect your favorite TV sitcom right before your eyes? FST Improv makes all of this possible and more as they present a summer season filled with unpredictable twists and turns that even the actors won’t see coming. It’s non-stop Improv all summer long.

For a full show schedule see below. Shows play Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm in Bowne’s Lab. Summer passes are now on sale. Pick 3 Friday shows and get 1 Saturday show for free. Passes are $36. Single tickets are $15. All tickets may be purchased from the FST Box Office by calling (941) 366-9000, or online at Floridastudiotheatre.org.

Will Luera, FST Director of Improv said of this exciting and eclectic summer season, “This summer promises to be a fun line-up that will not only welcome the world in July for the Sarasota Improv Festival, but will also put our own cast front and center in a unique series of improv shows. First, we will be introducing our new game show, Comedy Lottery. I’m a big fan of games that are risky for both the cast and audience but that ensure high-level entertainment. Comedy Lottery is just that.” Regardless of how the ball bounces, everyone is promised to be a winner on this unique night of improvised comedy. Before every show, 12 lucky audience members will be asked to randomly select out of the FST Improv infamous bucket of over 50 games. Comedy Lottery runs through September 26 in Bowne’s Lab.

Luera further expands on this side-splitting season of summer comedy. “We will also be rotating three different shows over the summer. The first is our proven hit When X Meets Y which will feature members of FST Improv plus special guests. In July we will be doing a show called
We’re doomed! An Improvised Summer Blockbuster! which pays homage to the classic summer blockbuster movies. This is a show I’ve toured all over the world and I’m very excited to bring it to Sarasota.” In a world where summer blockbusters come and go, FST Improv entertains with unforgettable, original movies. The cast of We’re Doomed! creates an improvised motion picture based on a title provided by the audience, creating anything from a tear-jerking romance to an adrenaline-pumping action adventure, smoky film noir to low budget independent cinema. We’ll leave the equipment behind as we use unique staging, special effects, and onstage acrobatics to recreate the excitement and magic of the silver screen. You’ll even get to see improvised previews of upcoming attractions. Butter-flavored topping not included.

Luera and his comedic cast wrap up the Summer Improv season with Thank You For Being A Friend: An Improvised Sitcom. “In preparation for the new TV season in September, FST Improv will be creating their own sitcoms in August with our show Thank you for being a Friend”, said Luera. “Inspired by the traditional sitcoms like Golden Girls, Cheers, Different Strokes and others, our cast will be creating never before seen sitcoms on the spot. We hope you’ll leave the theater singing our catchy completely improvised theme songs.”

Spend the summer laughing with FST Improv. Remember, you’ve got that six pack to work on, or you could just come to Bowne’s Lab, and consume one. We pass no judgement on your choice. Summer passes are now on sale. Pick 3 Friday shows and get 1 Saturday show for free. Passes are $36. Single tickets are $15. All tickets may be purchased from the FST Box Office by calling (941) 366-9000, or online at Floridastudiotheatre.org.

Show schedule

Comedy Lottery – Every Saturday @ 7:30pm through September 26

When X Meets Y – June 19 and 26 @ 7:30pm

We’re doomed! An Improvised Summer Blockbuster! – July 17 and 24 @ 7:30pm

Thank you for being a Friend: An Improvised Sitcom – August 21 and August 28 @ 7:30pm

About Florida Studio Theatre

Known as Sarasota’s Contemporary Theatre, Florida Studio Theatre was founded in 1973 by Jon Spelman. Starting out as a small touring company, FST traveled to places such as migrant camps and prisons. The company then acquired the former Woman’s Club building, becoming the first permanent venue. Shortly after Richard Hopkins arrived, the building was purchased and renamed The Keating Theatre. In the years that followed, Florida Studio Theatre established itself as a major force in American Theatre, presenting contemporary theatre in its five theatre venues: the Keating Theatre, the Gompertz Theatre, the Parisian style Goldstein Cabaret and John C. Court Cabaret, and Bowne’s Lab Theatre. 

Even with its growth, Florida Studio Theatre remains firmly committed to making the arts accessible and affordable to a broad-based audience.  FST develops theatre that speaks to our living, evolving, and dynamically changing world.  As FST grows and expands, it continues to provide audiences with challenging, contemporary drama and innovative programs.


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