FRINGE POP: Short Film & 10-minute Play Series October 6 to 9, 2016

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 FRINGE POP: Short Film &
10-minute Play Series
October 6 to 9, 2016

What is Public? What is Private?
Do we even know the difference anymore?
10-minute plays, projections, and short film
used to explore these questions.

WASHINGTON – Capital Fringe is launching a new yearly series: Fringe POP to explore ways of blending projections, theatre and film. In its inaugural event,  Fringe POP uses unique projection as scenic backdrops for each 10-minute play. This year’s focus is on how we experience public vs. private space? With a world of knowledge and connectivity in everyone’s pocket, does privacy even exist? What happens when what we perceive as private is also perceived as public? Short films are paired thematically with 10-minute plays to create two distinctive presentations: PUBLIC and PRIVATE.

October 6, 8:00PM
; October 8, 2:00PM
; October 9, 8:00PM
– Scout’s Honor by Ken Preuss, directed by Nick Martin
A teenage Boy Scout’s public service project has unintended and surprising repercussions, all thanks to social media.
– Klara and the Park Bench by Elizabeth Jordan, directed by Nick Martin
An moving exploration of the life of Klara, a homeless woman that is often passed by and ignored.
– Roof of Heaven by Robert Kangas, directed by Renana Fox
Three locals meet at a gas station parking lot and discover their daily routine has more to reveal than merely just “hanging out”.
– Talking Trash by Emma Choi, directed by Renana Fox
Amy questions life, relationships and makes quite a discovery about herself through the surprising help of an orange peel, among others.

– Split End by Eddie Shieh
– The Ring Thing by Sandra Seeling
– Escalators Become Stairs by Paul Moon
– Poets by Branden Hubbard

October 7, 8:00PM
; October 8, 8:00PM
; October 9, 2:00PM
– Our Place by Mark Scarf, directed by Quill Nebeker
Christine and Vince’s visit their favorite restaurant in hopes of finding more than just familiarity and good food.
– Fully Present by Cynthia Faith Arsenault, directed by Ty Hallmark
The challenges of staying connected on a blind date might prove too difficult for Jennifer this time.
 Good as I Been for You by Anthony Szulc, directed by Ty Hallmark
Three years ago, Nora and Rudy made a deal to help keep Rudy in the US and today they meet to figure out what happens next.
– Surprise by Mark Harvey Levine, directed by Quill Nebeker
Even psychics can be astonished by the unexpected, much to Peter’s amazement.

 Venice by Venetia Taylor
– The Bench Project: Heavy Metal by Steven Bidwell
 The Garden That You’ve Planted by Kathleen Mann
 Mr. Chavan by Eddie Shieh

October 6-9, 2016
Logan Fringe Arts Space – Trinidad Theatre
1358 Florida Avenue NE, Washington DC 20002
October 6, 2016 at 8PM – PUBLIC
October 7, 2016 at 8PM – PRIVATE
October 8, 2016 at 2PM – PUBLIC and 8PM – PRIVATE
October 9, 2016 at 2PM – PRIVATE and 8PM – PUBLIC
Single Tickets / General Admission $25
Series Pass $34 (one ticket to PUBLIC and one to PRIVATE) or by calling 866.811.4111
Julianne Brienza, CEO/Founder of Capital Fringe [email protected]
@capitalfringe on Twitter and Instagram

At Capital Fringe our focus is on expanding audience’s appetites for independent theatre, music, art, dance and unclassifiable forms of live performance and visual art.
Capital Fringe is a catalyst for cultural and community development, and a destination that brings artists and audiences together. Capital Fringe thrives on amplifying the vibrancy of DC’s independent arts community and enriches the lives of those who reside, work and visit here.


F R I N G E  F U N D I N G  P R O V I D E D  B Y:  Reva and David Logan Foundation, Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, Prince Charitable Trust, City Fund,  Nora Roberts Foundation, Share Fund of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, DC Public Library Foundation, Dallas Morse Coors Foundation, MARPAT Foundation, PNC Bank, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Community Fork Lift, Graham Holding Company and the Fringe Family of Donors – if that is you, thank you so much!


Logan Fringe Arts Space :: 1358 Florida Ave, NE Washington, DC 20002
202.737.7230 | [email protected]


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