Francesco Pinter Releases New Song “Alive in the Sky” from Album “Inner Momentum”

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Francesco Pinter Releases New Song “Alive in the Sky” from Album “Inner Momentum”

Nu-Progressive Fusion Metal Band is Set to Release Their 8-Year-Long Awaited Album “Inner Momentum”



Los Angeles, CA (Friday, March 10th) – Out today the single “Alive in the Sky” by Francesco Pinter off his long-awaited album “Inner Momentum”. Teaming up with metal legends such as vocalist Johnny Ray, bassist, composer, and mix engineer,  Joe Calderone (Arch Echo), producer Alek Darson (Organized Chaos), and International sensation Milan Jejina (Yeqy) on drums to blend together genres untouched, and explore ideas of love, loss, and transcendence.

Just released today, “Alive in the Sky.” Lead singer Johnny Ray says he was inspired to write the lyrics to this song, “after a wonderful family friend died, I saw his son suffering and I imagined this dialectic where the suppositions of those left behind are voiced, and how I believe that life continues after we leave this mortal coil.”

“Alive in the Sky” YouTube

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Starting in 2015, Francesco began working on this album with his vision in mind being to find a way to sonically merge Nu Metal with Progressive Metal. In the beginning, he was mainly working on the album alone – for nearly 9 months, to be exact. Eventually, he decided to hire a team of extremely talented individuals he knew through studying at Berklee School of Music. This is where he found the band’s producer voice, Alek Darson (member of the group Organized Chaos), and bass player Joe Calderone, who also plays in the band Arch Echo , a well-known group in the modern progressive metal scene (they were even considered the best progressive metal band in 2017). Francesco is not only joined by legendary musicians in the U.S., but he plays alongside Serbian talent drummer Milan Jejina (Yeqy) – who collaborates with David Maxim Micic in the legendary metal band Destiny Potato (along with Vladimir Lalic and Alex Darson in the group Organized Chaos). After years of research and auditions, he met vocal Floridian powerhouse Johnny Ray, whose voice has been compared to Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and has been a part of legendary groups such as Psyaxis, 3 Headed Snake, and The Mourning.


“Inner Momentum,” composed of five tracks, is Francesco’s first-ever album release, and it began as a challenge to himself at first, in his attempt to blend several different styles of metal together in a way that hasn’t been seen before.


The album promises to be an emotional journey through the spectrum of human emotion – and blend diverging ideas together as it does musical expressions. Look out for their new album “Inner Momentum” on all streaming platforms.



About Francesco Pinter:

Francesco Pinter has been releasing music for the last several years, but has never attempted putting out a full album – until now. With the momentum he has built from his recent releases “Unexpected Joy” (2023), “Aokigahara” (2022), “The Outcast” (2022), Pinter promises to deliver a thought-provoking and genre-layering set of tracks that will draw the attention that this music truly deserves. Blending sounds of soft, mellow acoustic guitar with heavy-hitting vocals and progressive riffs, Francesco Pinter paves a new path in metal that demands to be heard.


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