Florida Studio Theatre: ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS – The Reviews are In! Motown: Multi-generational Music; 5 Ways to Improvise At Your Thanksgiving Dinner

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ONE MAN, TWO GUVNORS – The Reviews are In!
Connor Carew. Photo by Matthew Holler.

The Mainstage season kicked off last week and the reviews are in for One Man, Two Guvnors! To read what the critics had to say, click on the links below.

One Man, Two Guvnors is a smart and energetic comedy directed by Joseph Discher. The play is adapted from Carlos Goldoni’s commedia dell’arte play The Servant of Two Masters. One Man, Two Guvnors transfers the action from classic 1743 Venice, Italy to hip 1960s Brighton, England. The audience will meet Francis Henshall, a disarming and doltish man, who finds himself employed by a local gangster and a notorious criminal. While desperately trying to prevent discovery of his dual employment, inspired insanity, high-low antics, and nimble wordplay ensue. Along the way, mistaken identity, mix-ups, madness, mayhem, and many belly laughs all lead to a romping conclusion guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
Discher remarks to his approach at directing this production, “When I think of approaching this play, I think of one of Francis’ lines. He is the main character, the “one man” serving “two guvnors.” In the second scene he says: “You got to concentrate, ain’t ya, with two jobs.”  I take comedy very seriously, and I think we have two equally important jobs: to be real, and to play. I believe that the best comedy (and the best theatre) comes from being very specific and playing the reality of the situation–the high stakes circumstances of the scene. And that is balanced with our other job, to quite literally, play. Comedy is at it’s best when we embrace a sense of playful, inventive abandon, and combine that with specificity and reality. Otherwise, in a play with outrageous situations like One Man Two Guvnors, it becomes easy to let the silliness run away with you, and then nothing means anything any more, the stakes are gone. So we remind ourselves: what is this scene about? What is the event of the scene? What does the character want? We make that real on stage, and then we exaggerate it.”
One Man, Two Guvnors is is NOW PLAYING and runs through January 10. SUBSCRIBE NOW by clicking here. Single tickets are also on sale now. Call the FST Box Office at (941) 366-9000 or visit us online at floridastudiotheatre.org to order your tickets today.
Motown: Multi-generational Music
Andrew Mauney, Ryan Connolly, and Luke Minx.
Photo by Matthew Holler.
Even if it’s hard to tell what exactly has made soul music endure over the years, its cross-generational and cross-cultural appeal is undeniable. Soul Mates: A Journey to Hitsville Director, Bill Castellino comments with, “There’s something thrilling about four white twenty somethings getting turned on by the music that not only their grandparents listened to, but also the music of a different era, a different part of the culture, and a different part of the American experience.
Soul Mates is performed by four Caucasian men in their twenties. “They’re young guys,” Castellino explains. “It’s conceivable that someone went to high school in the 2000s and never heard soul music. So when they’re introduced to it, they are totally thrilled by the way it looks and sounds. The soul of the music brings them together as a singing group.”
Although not born in the Motown era, cast member Andrew Mauney, speaks to what Motown means to him, “Motown makes me think of dancing. Not just because the moves are so iconic, but because, despite the themes covered in the lyrics, all the music makes people
want to dance!”
Soul Mates: A Journey to Hitsville is now playing in the Court Cabaret. SUBSCRIBE NOW and see 2 more shows for as little as $13 per show. Tickets may be purchased online at floridastudiotheatre.org or by calling the box office at (941) 366-9000.
5 Ways to Improvise At Your Thanksgiving Dinner
Cast of FST Improv. Photo by Matthew Holler
You’re hosting Thanksgiving at your home, the turkey hasn’t thawed completely, you forgot the stuffing, the pumpkin pie has burnt, and your in-laws will be there any minute. What do you do? The cast of FST Improv shares 5 tips on how to improvise at your holiday gathering.
1.Table Top Paper Football
Take this Turkey Day sports event from the screen to your table. While waiting for that bird to get out of the oven, make a paper football and have the kiddos have their own bowl game right there at the table!
2. Talking Hands: Napkin Folding Edition
In teams of two, see if you can talk your hand partner through the epic Holiday tradition of napkin folding! Let’s make that table top presentable.
3. Everyday Olympics: Thanksgiving Edition
A game for four. Grab two family members to narrate as sportscasters while the other two family members act out in great competitive Olympic fashion, the preparation for thanksgiving day meal. Don’t forget to pause and rewind for slow motion replays, you wouldn’t want to miss a foul move!
4. “Yes and…!”
The ultimate tenet and number one rule of Improv is the phrase ‘Yes and…!’ This definitely applies to Thanksgiving Dinner. Especially when being offered another helping from the holiday feast.
Example: Aunt Gladys: Would you like some more pumpkin pie? You: Yes! And smother it in whipped cream, please!
5. Thanksgiving Pizza
When improvising you never know what kind of situation is going to be thrown at you. So you have to have a multitude of options waiting in the wings. The same can be said about Thanksgiving Dinner. If the turkey turns out to be sub-par make sure you have an ample supply of frozen pizzas on hand!
See FST Improv THIS Saturday and EVERY Saturday t 7:30pm in Bowne’s Lab Theatre. Tickets ONLY $15. Doors open at 6:30 with full bar and menu available. Order your tickets today by calling the Box Office at (941) 366-9000
BUTLER – Cast Arrival
The cast of Butler arrived at FST last week. They began rehearsals and the process of putting the entire production together last week.
Taking on the role of Lieutenant Kelly in Butler is Joe Ditmyer.  Ditmyer was last seen at FST in the 2009 production, Shear Madness. Ditmyer speaks of his preparation before he takes to the Keating stage in just a few short weeks. “The story we are telling in Butler is incredibly exciting to be a part of. We are dealing with some very special circumstances that occurred, that arguably led to the end of slavery in America. After I first read Butler, it was clear that I needed to play Lieutenant Kelly sometime soon. The fact that I’m doing it now, at FST, makes it as sweet as it possibly could be. In preparation, aside from working on Richard Strand’s amazing script, I’m doing a lot of reading. There are endless options from all different viewpoints on the civil war, but it’s a gift that there is so much written on General Butler and his time at Fort Monroe. I look forward to starting rehearsals and beginning the process of bringing this story to life.”
Butler opens December 9 and runs through February 21. SUBSCRIBE NOW by clicking here. Single tickets are also on sale now. Call the FST Box Office at (941) 366-9000 or visit us online at floridastudiotheatre.org to order your tickets today.
Support your local and small businesses this Saturday in Sarasota! Be sure to stop by the FST Box Office to order your tickets today for our 2015 – 2016 Winter seasons.
Fun for the Family!
The cast of FST Improv will take the audience on a family-friendly adventure to a location of your choosing on December 12! Come see the cast play games, sing songs and come up with sketches inspired by YOU in a show that is entertaining and interactive for every member of your family from toddlers to teenagers to grandma and everyone in between!
Improv Adventure will play on Saturday, December 12 at 2:00pm in Bowne’s Lab Theatre. Single Tickets are available online by clicking here or by calling the FST Box Office at 941-366-9000.
Make it easy this holiday season and give the gift of theatre! As a special offer, FST is now offering $20 free when you purchase $100 or more in Gift Certificates. What better way to show someone you care than with an experience they won’t forget?
Gift Certificates can be used on anything – shows, dining in our Green Room Café, Cabaret, or Bowne’s Lab! To purchase your FST Gift Certificate, visit the Box Office at 1241 N. Palm Avenue in Downtown, Sarasota.
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