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FEBRUARY 20 – MARCH 18, 2017

Organized and produced by Wu-Shan, Inc. (Jeff Gordon and Path Soong), this thought-provoking exhibition at the Ringling College of Art and Design features silkscreen prints and original recordings, ranging from spoken word to music and sound, created by a diverse roster of artists, writers and performers who knew, worked with, were associated with or were inspired by Andy Warhol. Included are Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Ivan Karp, Billy Name, Ultra Violet, Lawrence Weiner, Carter Ratcliff, John Giorno, Vincent Freemont, Alexander Heinrici, Brigid Berlin, Christopher Makos, Yura Adams, Nat Finkelstein, Connie Beckley, Susan Breen, Path Soong, and Jeff Gordon.

Gordon, who knew and admired Warhol, first conceptualized the idea of producing recordings (spoken word, sound pieces, music) by visual artists in the early ’80s, while he was the co-owner of the Greene Street Recording Studio. His first endeavor, Revolutions Per Minute (1982), packaged 20 of these recordings on a double LP, in a box with 20 visual prints by the 20 artists. The idea turned into a traveling exhibition, and the boxes were purchased by art world collectors, museums, galleries, and audio connoisseurs and serves as a precedent to the FIFTEEN MINUTES traveling exhibition and box set.

The exhibition juxtaposes each artist’s 12 x 12 inch (album sized) visual image with an audio work created in homage to Warhol. For instance, Patti Smith’s poem, “Edie,” muses on the life and death of Warhol Superstar Edie Sedgwick. Nat Finkelstein’s screen printed photograph shows Warhol and Dylan in the Factory with one of Warhol’s Elvis paintings in the background. In his song, “When I Paint My Masterpiece,” Dylan critiques the Warholian notion of fame and success. Gordon’s screen print modifies one of Warhol’s Brillo Box sculptures as a visual analogy to his sound piece, which loops excerpts from a Warhol interview and lasts for the proverbial 15 minutes. Sony Music Entertainment sponsored the worldwide tour.

The exhibition was organized and curated by Jeff Gordon and Path Soong.
Exhibition Tour Management by Landau Traveling Exhibitions. Los Angeles, CA.



Gallery Hours: Monday–Saturday 10-4, Tuesday 10-7

For more information:
[email protected]

Willis Smith Gallery is located in the Larry R. Thompson Academic Center at
2363 Old Bradenton Rd. on the Ringling College campus.

Exhibition Contents
16 framed Silk Screen Prints, 12″ x 12″
Printed by Warhol’s master silk screen printer Alexander Heinrici, 2010 – 2011
18 Audio Recordings
Recorded in Dubway Recording Studio, NYC,

18 Sony small digital audio components and head Phones

1. Bob Dylan: Self Portrait, painting, oil on canvas, 1971
2. Path Soong: Shadow (Merce Cunningham III), Photograph, 2010, photo taken in Soong’s studio by Ed Smith
3. John Giorno: Thanx 4 Nothing, Oil on Canvas, 2009
4. Billy Name: Nubula, Photograph
5. Ultra Violet: IX – XI, Sculpture,
6 Lawrence Weiner: Vienna, His word piece on paper, 2010
7 Vincent Fremont & Brigid Berlin: Untitled, Vincent Fremont, untitled, ink drawing and Brigid Berlin tit print, on paper
8 Patti Smith: Edie, 1971 poem dedicated to Edie Sedgwick on the photograph of Edie, photo by Nat Finkelstein
9 Christopher Makos: Andy and John, Photograph of Warhol kissing John Lennon, 1978
10. Yura Adams: Waiting For My 15 Minutes, photograph, digital collage, 2010
11. Alexander Heinrici: Alexander And Andy, still from video by Ronie Cutrone, early 1970’s
12. Connie Beckley: Silk Screen
13. Nat Finkelstein: Andy, Bobby And Elvis, photograph,
14. Carter Ratcliff: Glitch City, Photograph
15. Susan Breen: Warhol Soundfield 467, Oil on Arches paper, 12″x 12, 2010
16. Jeff Gordon: uh yes .. uh no, Warhol inspired Brillo Box, 2010

Ivan Karp: The First Time (1:43)
Bob Dylan: When I Paint My Masterpiece (3:20)
Path Soong: Titles (7:01)
John Giorno: Thanks For Nothing (10:30)
Billy Name: Maha Mantra (11:04)
Ultra Violet: Light (2:38)
Lawrence Weiner: Vienna (2:42)
Vincent Fremont & Brigid Berlin: Conversation (40:00)
Patti Smith: Edie (2:53)
Christopher Makos: What About Me? (11:39)
Yura Adams: Waiting For My 15 Minutes (2:41)
Alexander Heinrici: Silk Screen (8:29)
Carter Ratcliff: Glitch City (4:24)
Connie Beckley: Silk Scream Liz (10:49)
Nat Finkelstein: Factory ( :52)
Susan Breen: Warhol Soundfield 467 (7:00)
Jeff Gordon: uh yes .. uh no (15:00)

SOUND Date and Medium
Ivan Karp: The First Time, early 1960
Bob Dylan: When I Paint My Masterpiece, 1971 song
Path Soong: Titles, Recites Warhol’s Silkscreen Titles, NYC, 2010
John Giorno: Thanks For Nothing, Poem written 2006 – 2007 when he
turned 80, performed 2010, NYC
Billy Name: Maha Mantra, performed 2010, NYC
Ultra Violet: Light, Music, she sings, 1960’s
Lawrence Weiner: Performs his 1991 sound piece Vienna, NYC , 2010
Vincent Fremont and Brigid Berlin: Conversation, 2010, NYC
Patti Smith: Edie, Performs her poem Edie, 1971, NYC, 2010
Christopher Makos: What about Me ? Performs spoken word, 2010, NYC
Yura Adams: Waiting For My 15 Minutes, She sings, NYC, 2010
Alexander Heinrici: Silk Screen, spoken word, NYC, 2010
Connie Beckley: Silk Scream Liz, Performs, spoken word, NYC, 2010
Nat Finkelstein: Factory, spoken word, recorded
Carter Ratcliff: Glitch City, Recites poem, NYC, 2010, written 2010
Susan Breen: Response to Warhol Soundfield 467, recorded 2010, NYC
Jeff Gordon: uh yes .. uh no, 15:00)


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