FANFARE ENTERTAINMENT, the highly innovative and acclaimed San Francisco-based mobile app company, has recently announced a broad array of new artist clients and major brand initiatives

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FANFARE ENTERTAINMENT, the highly innovative and acclaimed San Francisco-based mobile app company, has recently announced a broad array of new artist clients and major brand initiatives. FANFARE sets itself apart from other mobile app companies not only in their “partnership” model designed to create joint ventures with their clients, but particularly in their unique use of technology to create personal engagement experiences for both fans of artists and consumers of well-known brands. As LANCE KELLY, Fanfare’s CEO and co-founder states, “Our goal is to honor the existing relationship between the fans of artists and brands, provide them with a variety of unique experiences through our technology they can’t get anywhere else, and at the same time be able to monetize that relationship in ways that are both fun and creative for the user.”


“We look to create real partnerships with our brands – we are NOT an app vendor for hire,” says KELLY.  “We essentially work closely WITH our brands to create a unique, monetizable, mobile experience that specializes in keeping the fans engaged. We don’t build ‘by-the-numbers’ apps-instead our platform is truly flexible and designed to serve whatever the needs of the partner are without creating a negative ROI for the partner.”

“Because the fuel to our bottom line is similar to our partners, we are acting in the purest manner possible to grow the fan base and increase monetization – we all have skin in the game,” says President and Co-Founder, Raymond Hart.

Among current releases is the highly successful Keith Urban Application, 2) the  Redneck Kingdom App (sponsored by Average Joe Entertainment), 3) rock icon Bryan Adams’ App (signed and forthcoming) 4) the Heart App (currently in release), 5) NOBU / the Nobu brand and restaurants worldwide (signed and forthcoming), 6) Jim Shore (a significant U.S. retail brand / signed and forthcoming), and a number of others currently at the agreement / execution stage. The company also has a Music Festival App model and will soon unveil Gander, a new social media platform as well as SocialGator, a stand-alone social media aggregator. Several other major initiatives and partnerships will be announced soon, including a breakthrough medical app that will serve as a critical element in a highly specialized and innovative treatment for Alzheimer’s patients.

Gary Borman, manager of Keith Urban, says, “I’ve heard countless technology pitches claiming to do what Fanfare did with the Keith Urban app. These guys understand how fans think, and how to leverage their technology to deliver a better in-app experience while generating additional revenue streams. This, plus a great business model, make them the rock stars of fan monetization.”


“We think our mobile app is really awesome. We’re genuinely excited to have such a cool app and one that lets us stay connected to our fans in more personal ways than ever before. The different ways our Fanfare app showcases our music and helps us communicate is simply a blast.” —Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart


“Fans are loyal customers and brand advocates,” says KELLY. “If a band – or a brand – wants to develop a stronger relationship with their fans, they come to us.”


The Fanfare iOS platform uses a modularized architecture to provide a feature-rich set of common, core functionality with a focus on user engagement and monetization. The core feature set can be used in whole, or as a subset of functions and features, dependent upon the requirements of any given app. The platform also allows for completely customizable user interfaces to provide a unique look and feel for each app created, giving Fanfare the ability to rapidly deploy very disparate apps on a common codebase for a wide variety of markets and industries, while giving customers a quick turnaround time for delivery of a custom app solution specific to their space. Fanfare’s server infrastructure maximizes development speed and efficiency by sharing significant amounts of common functionality between apps, while offering the security and reliability that comes with complete isolation of one app from another. The servers were designed with scalability and security as top priorities and have withstood sudden peak loads driven by celebrity social media promotions without breaking a sweat.


Michael James Jackson, Fanfare’s Lead Strategic Advisor states “Fanfare has worked hard to develop the optimum mobile app model in areas of communication, entertainment, and its ability to provide the user with a strong sense of being part of a community. As a result, the company is well poised to serve as an unprecedented marketing engine for brands of all kinds, no matter who they are.”

FANFARE ENTERTAINMENT was founded in 2012 by CEO Lance Kelly, one of the industry visionaries who co-founded POGO.COM (later sold to Electronic Arts), and President and co-founder Raymond Hart, veteran serial entrepreneur, co-founder of MedServe (later sold to Stericycle).

Lead Strategic Advisor for Fanfare is Michael James Jackson, with C.B.E. Rupert Perry, Joe Patterson, and Scott Brisbin serving on the Fanfare Board of Advisors.

The company will also soon announce additional new initiatives in the medical and sports worlds. 

About Fanfare Entertainment, LLC

Fanfare Entertainment is a privately funded company based in Burlingame, California. The company focuses on delivering mobile experiences that engage and monetize fans and consumers in music, sports, entertainment, consumer products and other brand-intensive industries.  Fanfare brings new revenue streams to brands, artists, and musicians through its unique mobile apps, and through Rifftime, the extraordinary musician showcase and innovative record label of the future targeting veteran and amateur artists alike. To learn more, visit


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