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Sep 10, 2015 – (Burbank, CA.) — Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Gardner has been touring nearly non-stop since the release of his debut album, Adventures in Real Time, on Warner Bros Records. Co-produced by Gardner and Jack Dragonetti (The Submarines, Jack Drag), the album is a stellar showcase for the 19-year old Illinois native’s brisk hooks, high-spirited melodies, and a musical eclecticism that reflects his deep love for his pop-rock predecessors, including The Beatles, Ben Folds, and Vampire Weekend.
Gardner first began to attract attention with the album’s opening track “Let’s Get Started” when he put it up on Spotify earlier this year. After being included on a popular playlist called “Smart Is The New Sexy,” the track caught fire and began racking up plays. (It has now exceeded five million plays to date). Watch the official video here. In Addition, Dylan’s ever-growing audience appeals not only to kids of his own age group but also power-pop aficionados  of all ages as reflected in his strong online presence. Dylan has been featured in Snapchat’s LA Story (over 6 million impressions), while his YouTube video views are reaching past a quarter million. Dylan has also appeared as a guest on the “Shane and Friends” podcast, hosted by YouTube personality and comedian Shane Dawson.  “Let’s Get Started”, has been heardin such disparate TV and film programming as ESPN’s Pro Bowl, CBS’ Blue Bloods, ABC’s Manhattan Love Story and the film Cake (featuring Jennifer Aniston).
Raised in both Illinois and Arizona and now based in Los Angeles, Gardner has been playing piano, guitar, and drums, as well as writing songs since he was a kid. His father, Mark, was the bassist in ’80s Chicago power-pop band The Kind and young Dylan pored over his dad’s record collection, becoming deeply enamored with such classic artists as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors. Before recording Adventures in Real Time, Gardner studied the techniques detailed in Brian Kehew’s 500-page tome Recording The Beatles. You can also watch his mash-up of songs from Side Two of Abbey Road, #DylanBreaksTheBeatles, here.
As a songwriter Gardner already possess an inherent knack for strong melodies and an accomplished compositional style almost impossibly way beyond his years. Onstage, his youthful exuberance and pure love of performance is an infectious joy to witness. The media continues to respond in kind:
“[A] teen prodigy… the kid is a rock scholar, but he’s also very much of his own time.” – Uncut Magazine UK
“Gardner showcases a polished, bubblegum but genuine sound. Soaking up the music of his pop rock forefathers, Gardner brandishes licks and production that call to mind Vampire Weekend and The Killers. – Culture Collide
The video on YouTube of Dylan Gardner running through the second side of the Beatles’ Abbey Road on a variety of instruments in under three minutes should assure the older generation that kids today know about the old music and can play instruments, for what that’s worth. Hopefully, younger people will find the infectious hooks of “Too Afraid to Love You” and “Let’s Get Started” to be as impressive and endearing as they sounded to the folks at Warner Bros., who released the kid’s debut album, Adventures in Real Time, on Jan. 6 this year.” – Yahoo! Music: 25 Singer Under 25 to Watch
“(Rising talent #1) Dylan had me at the first line of the first song: ‘I’ll be John and you’ll be Yoko.’ My kind of star-crossed lovers. The fun was just getting started as this rollicking record in the vein of Ben Kweller proved delightfully consistent … very strong songwriting.” – Huffington Post: One of The Best Albums of 2015!
Gardner has been on tour most of 2015, playing solo acoustic, as a duo, and mostly with his astoundingly accomplished trio (Nick Jozwiak on bass, and brother Mark Gardner on drums and percussion). He clearly has the stagecraft and charisma to take his studio-wizardry and songwriting finesse to anywhere in the world that still thinks a great song should have a bridge. Gardner just wrapped up two months on the road with Emily Kinney, playing mostly sold-out shows across America and hitting every record store within a hundred miles of each tour stop.
Gardner has just confirmed a string of shows at Arizona-area high schools where is music has resonated with an audience not much younger than himself. Of the experience, Dylan had this to say:
“Playing high schools has been an amazing experience for me ever since my first performance at Xavier College Preparatory in Arizona two years ago. What I thought would be a routine performance turned into Woodstock on the campus lawn with students and teachers hollering at these songs they’ve never heard before. It was so amazing to see since I was homeschooled online while working on music for most of my high school tenure, and this was an amazing way to share the joy and energy I put into my music with my peers. I make tons of new friends at each high school, and I get to play to a great audience every time. There are moments when I play high schools and I’m singing one of my songs and I close my eyes and hear some people singing and I know that they are going through the same things that I write about in my music because we’re going through the same part of life right now. It’s such a magical feeling to share that with hundreds of people, even if it’s at 7 am.”
Don’t miss Dylan Gardner live this summer!
September High School Shows – Arizona 2015:
Mon      Sep 14
Tues     Sep 15
Wed     Sep 16
Thur      Sep 17
Thur      Sep 17
Fri        Sep 18
Adventures in Real Time Track listing:
Let’s Get Started
Heroes Tonight
I’m Nothing Without You
Too Afraid To Love You
I Think I’m Falling for Something
The Actor
Sing For The Stars
Feeling of Love
With A Kiss
Dylan Gardner is, in fact, just getting started. Much more to be revealed soon. Until then, have a look and listen for yourself:
Dylan Gardner “Adventures in Real Times”  album link : https://wbr.box.com/dgadventuresinrealtime
“Let’s Get Started” (official video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-ZvVm2d5a8
“Too Afraid to Love You” (official video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSA-fI46nmw
Listen to Dylan Gardner’s debut album “Adventures in Real Time” on Spotify
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