Doron Ofir Casting and MTV’s Award Winning series “True Life” are on a search for fascinating True Life stories and your amazing first-person point of view: I’M ENGAGED TO A STRANGER; MY PARENT IS IN PORN; I’M A PERSONAL ASSISTANT TO THE STARS; CALLING ALL TWINS; I’M NOT SURE WHOSE BABY I’M CARRYING/ARE YOU MY BABY DADDY?; I’M DATING / MARRYING MY COUSIN; I’M INSTA-RICH

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MTV’s True Life is open to anyone between the ages of 16-28 years.

Doron Ofir Casting and MTV’s Award Winning series “True Life” are on a search for fascinating True Life stories and your amazing first-person point of view. For almost two decades MTV has been blazing the trail of documentary storytelling, sharing the unique experiences and perspectives of young adults with the world. If one of the subjects below pertains to your life, we want to hear your story!
Sex is big business. But is it your family business? Do you have a parent who works in porn? Do they perform or produce adult films? Or do you have a parent who makes a living designing, manufacturing or selling sexy toys or other adult products and related goods and services.  We are interested in hearing how your life is shaped by the career choice of your parent. Perhaps you accept and support what they do to pay the bills…or maybe it’s made your life harder and you wish your parents had a more conventional line of work. Will you follow in their footsteps? Either way, we want to help you tell your story!

Are you a twin who’s tired of being a package deal? You know you’re an individual with your own thoughts and opinions but being a twin, does it seem like no one else knows that? Have you finally gotten to a place in your life where you’re considering making a big change, like moving away from your twin for the first time…or even making a drastic physical change, just to differentiate and claim your individuality once and for all? Or are you and your twin actually opposites in every way other than looks? Do they get on your last nerve? Have they done something so bad you just can’t forgive them? If you’re considering drastic measures to distinguish, separate, or distance yourself from your twin, we look forward to hearing your side of the story!


No matter what your circumstance, getting pregnant can have a huge impact on your life. But if you’re not sure who the father is, it can make a tricky situation even more difficult to handle. Things happen, relationships have highs and lows. And sometimes circumstances mean you may not be 100-percent sure who the father of your child is. Are you pregnant with or raising a child with questions of who their father is? Or maybe you know who the father is and he won’t step up. Now you want to prove it once and for all.


Or are you a man who is convinced you’re the father of a child but for whatever reason, the child’s mother won’t admit the child is yours? Are you a man raising a child you’ve been told is yours but you’re starting to have doubts?  You may love the child, but you need to know. If you are pregnant, or have recently had a child, and are questioning the baby’s biological father, or you’re a father who’s not sure if the baby is yours, we want to hear your story.



They say you can’t help who you love. So what do you do when the person you’ve fallen in love with happens to be your own cousin? People talk about supporting the right to love and marry whoever they want…but despite all that talk, do you still feel like you and your cousin have to hide your feelings for each other? Are you afraid of being judged? In many cultures it’s common, and it’s even perfectly legal in some states…so why do you have to live in shame? Love is complicated and the love you’ve found may not be “acceptable” by some people’s standards. But it’s time to speak out and be heard. Are you in love with your cousin? Are you married, engaged, or thinking about getting engaged? Let your love be stronger than their judgment. This is your chance to help the world understand, and we want to hear your story.
One minute you were short on cash. The next minute you’re rolling in dough. Are you someone who came into a lot of money VERY quickly? Maybe you worked your butt off to build a business that finally blew up over night? Maybe you designed a killer app and have gone from struggling student to wealthy business owner. Maybe an unexpected inheritance, hit song, popular YouTube channel, or just dumb luck has completely changed your situation. If you are young and Insta-Rich, we want to hear from you!
Are you engaged to someone you haven’t actually met in person yet? We know love is powerful and nowadays some of our strongest relationships can start and flourish online. Did you meet on Twitch, flirt on Snapchat, date on Skype and get engaged on Instagram? Are you already talking wedding dates, but you just haven’t met face to face yet? Or maybe the situation is much more “old school” and you’re getting into an arranged marriage. Mom and Dad know what’s best (or not) and you’re putting your love life in their hands. Or has a prison pen pal captured your heart and you’re just counting the days to their release so you can finally get married? Are you about to make a forever promise to someone you have never met in person? People do it every day, and we want to hear all about your story!

You’re a personal assistant. Now that may not sound very exciting to most people at first, but that’s because they have no idea your boss is a famous actor, recording artist, pro athlete or huge celebrity. Sure you still have to do the day to day stuff, answer calls, walk the dog, make coffee…but when you’re boss is a baller you get access and fringe benefits that would drop jaws. You get to see a side of celebrities that most never do. You see the real person. Behind every great star is a great assistant keeping all the chaos in check. You know that you have a job that most would dream of, and we want to hear all about it!




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