Debut novel from 2Dans, H8 Society: How An Atomic Fart Saved The World

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Debut novel from 2Dans, H8 Society: How An Atomic Fart Saved The World (,

Can music save your moral soul?

The brainchild of 2Dans — a former MTV executive and Emmy award-winning director/designer — H8 Society: How An Atomic Fart Saved The World is a revolutionary addition to the contemporary publishing marketplace that poses this question to its readers and unleashes the creative power of digital storytelling for a new generation.

H8 Society was globally debuted as a featured BitTorrent Bundle in May 2015, and eclipsed 700,000 downloads in less than a week – proof-positive of the voracious appetite that exists for powerfully creative digital storytelling experiences.

Stacked with twenty-six incredible indie songs (curated from over 4,000 ReverbNation submissions) and laced with original graphics by world-renowned illustrator Bill Sienkiewicz (of DC and Marvel Comics fame), H8 Society is a dark comedy that brings together music, graphics, and literature to tell an unforgettable story about an apocalyptic American dream.

Starring a 400-pound heroine named Load, this 374-page “extreme reading experience” follows two rival teenage gangs – the Sprawl Lords and the Terminal Infections – as they inadvertently slam headfirst into a secret global organization: the titular H8 Society, who are scheming to inject millions of people with a Nano chip that will control their emotions.

Pluckily poking fun at pop culture, bad politics, and today’s fear-mongering media landscape, this is a story that laughs in the face of darkness, rejects the “haters,” and fist-bumps the undeniable, everlasting power of love over hate.

“We all have inner screams – things that keep us up at night, that interrupt our attention, break our hearts, enrage us, and set our emotions on fire,” say 2Dans of their inspiration to create H8 Society. “The role of music in H8 Society is to further dimensionalize those very moments when you’re trying to imagine what a character might be listening to just before, after, or during the events in their lives. We wanted to use different kinds of music – hip-hop, EDM, alt rock, heavy metal – to sharpen the blade of our characters emotions, and to explore the role music plays in managing the inner screams for us all.”

“I loved the concept of H8 Society from the very beginning,” adds Sienkiewicz. “The language of the medium right now is expanding and this was a chance to jump in and play with something new. It’s got the whole canon, from highbrow to lowbrow and everything in between, and that’s the perfect embodiment of what I think we can try for in the medium. Plus: an atomic fart that saved the world. Really? Who could resist that?”

Now widely available (for free!) via iTunes Books, H8 Society: How An Atomic Fart Saved The World is a not-to-be-missed experience that will resonate with anyone interested in the cutting-edge of culture and who believes that the power of love will always triumph over the power of hate.

About 2Dans:

2Dans have a rich history of creative adventures: together, they were the first to take MTV off channel and Nintendo into a real world competition. Veteran entertainment industry professionals who have been behind some of the biggest events in contemporary entertainment, the ‘extreme reading experience’ of H8 Society is the next logical step in their quest to engage and entertain the masses.

H8 Society: How An Atomic Fart Saved The World is now available worldwide via BitTorrent and iTunes.

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