David Vrong Brings Electronic Dance Music Back To Its House Heyday “I Said” Out Now on Beatport

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David Vrong Brings Electronic Dance
Music Back To Its House Heyday

“I Said” Out Now on Beatport!


With the release of “I Said“, David Vrong has officially landed on the electronic dance music planet and he is bringing a throwback yet modern house sound with him. Haling from the DJ / producer breading ground known as Stockholm, Sweden – David Vrong‘s natural musical talents were soon recognized by dance music luminary John Dahlbäck, who began mentoring the young producer.

On “I Said“, Vrong weaves body-grooving bass and an infectious ‘I Said‘ vocal sample in and out of classic drum machine high-hats and syncopated synth riffs. Fans of UK and funky ’90’s house alike are sure to love David Vrong‘s Ultra Records debut single: “I Said“.


Not much is known about the early years of the super-savvy tech hero, but what we do know is that somewhere amidst the dense bass-jumping concrete jungle in Stockholm, Sweden he was scooped up by none other than house legend John Dahlbäck.

In secrecy he was trained in the arts of disc jockeying, blackout bass triggering and sadistically symphonic breaks. When our young boy finally completed his trials he emerged, not as a man. But as something far greater.

He kissed his mother goodbye and bid his friends farewell. Now wherever you’ll hear a baseline compelling a crowd, he will be there. A hi-hat letting out a whipser of what’s to come, he will be there. He’s a watchful protector, an outspoken shadow. He. Is. David Vrong.
And he has nothing but his goal; to rid this side of the astral plane from mediocrity and conventionality.


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