“Dance for a Chance” May 13th at the Venice Performing Arts Center

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Just wanted to update you about our event coming up on May 13th at the Venice Performing Arts Center. We are excited to announce over 80 dance routines have entered the competition and we will have 100 local dancers at the dance competition!
Reflections in Gold of Venice has donated over $2,000 in jewelry that we will be giving away in our raffle as well as the silent auction. We plan on 300-500 spectators at the event and we are planning on doing this event annually for others in need. Any media attention we can get would be appreciated!

I have started a foundation and will be running a dance competition fundraiser in May at the Venice Performing Arts Center to raise money for my daughter, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

On June 19th, 2014, our lives changed as my 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. It was beginning to press on her brain stem and needed to be removed immediately to avoid serious and possibly fatal consequences. The neurosurgeon was able to remove most of the tumor, however Marina lost her hearing in her right ear along with the balance nerve on the right side of her brain. She also suffers from severe nerve damage which causes incapacitating pain, and an aquired autonomic disorder that affects her body’s ability to regulate heart rate and blood pressure.

The recovery has been very difficult on the whole family. Marina has been unable to work or do anything that she once loved. She was a dancer and dance coach to several local dance teams in Bradenton, which she has not been able to continue.

I have started the foundation, “Dance for a Chance”, which is a dance competition fundraiser and benefit to raise money to cover the many medical bills incurred from several years of treatment. I also teach dance at local elementary schools and our combined love of dance has inspired this fundraiser. We are seeking local businesses to help and donate, in the form of money, product (t-shirts, printing materials) and silent auction baskets. We will also need to have dance groups and soloists register to compete. We will rely on help from the community and volunteers to run the event.

The event will appeal to a wide spectrum of dancers. Anything goes! We will be accepting school dance teams and studio teams and classes, as well as independent entries. Ballroom duets, dance soloists and small groups, and large production groups will also be eligible to enter. All ages and styles are welcome! We have a very broad audience to target and we expect a very good turnout if we are able to get the word out to all of these potential competitors.

Dancers will be scored against themselves, and will receive a trophy based on their placement (bronze, silver, gold etc). We will also award high point winners in several categories. All competitors will receive a free t-shirt and pin with their registration. Registration begins at $35 per dancer (on a team). Solos and small groups begin at $40. We will be offering discounted fees for early registration (prior to March 1st).

We will have several guest judges and special performances throughout the event. We have a beautiful venue that was graciously donated to us (Venice Performing Arts Center) and we are prepared a large turnout. We are very excited for the event, and plan to pass this fundraiser on to someone else in need in the coming years.

Anyone interested in registering in the competition can get information on our website, www.operationmarina.com. Anyone interested in volunteering or donating to the event can also find information on our website and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/operationmarina/

Thanks so much for your time and we hope that you will help us in reaching our target audience to make this fundraiser successful!

See informational video below, and more info at www.operationmarina.com

Michele Mercier
[email protected]

Go Gray in May! May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month.
The fundraiser will take place on May 13th, 2017.
Marina’s JourneyMarina was a dancer and dance coach for the Braden River High School Dance teams as well as her own All Stars dance teams prior to her brain tumor diagnosis.
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