Comical Beach Read Explores Going Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rolling with Life’s Punches

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When everything in your life goes awry, do you admit defeat or is it time to take a step outside your comfort zone to find a better path? Author of Down the Aisle with Bridezilla, Carli Palmer returns to explore this very question with her latest work, Shore House Slumming. In this hilarious new chapter of chick lit, Palmer weaves together comedy, wit and adventure for a fun summer read you won’t want to put down.


Working as an editor in Seattle, Dana Kline led a happy life. She had great friends, a career she adored and her health couldn’t be better. But everything about it was mundane and safe. No gamble would have made her change her ways, so life was going to change it for her.


After an unexpected release from her job, then finding out that she would become practically homeless for the summer, Dana gathered her courage and found herself ready to try a new life in Florida. The only problem was getting herself across the nation on a tight budget, hardly any connections and an unadventurous self. After many stops along both coastlines, Dana finds out that it’s okay to let her hair down, meet new people and try new escapades—just as long as her sanity doesn’t fly away with the seagulls.


Lively and light, Shore House Slumming speaks to:


  • Why it’s important to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things, even if they scare you.
  • Even when there’s no solution for you to discover, those are times when the problem will solve itself.
  • Though life isn’t always meant to be easy and smooth sailing, you can still pull through with grace and a bit of humor.
  • How she chose the locations for her book, as well as their significance to herself and the story.
  • Why having a weak character who learns a lesson is just as important as having one that starts off strong.


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