“College Basic Training: Strengthen Your Mind and Body to Leap any College Hurdle” by Susan Jensen; Swan Fitness Publishing

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As Girls Rush To See Fifty Shades of Grey On The Big Screen, Many Moms Are Outraged By Its Message
Medicine Lake, MN, March 6, 2015 – While girls are flocking to see the record-breaking movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, their mothers are increasingly concerned by the message it sends on casual sex.  Receiving five-star reviews on Amazon.com, Susan Jensen’s new book, College Basic Training: Strengthen Your Mind and Body to Leap Any College Hurdle (Swan Fitness Books), is being hailed by parents as a vital resource for college-bound girls that covers every topic from body image to the dangers of treating sex like a casual hobby!

Written by health coach and personal fitness trainer Susan Jensen, the author does a masterful job of taking a serious subject yet, through colorfully whimsical and easy-to-read chapters and eye-opening personal stories, makes this be-good-to-your-body guide an appealing read!

Since girls are often more preoccupied with weight gain than their personal safety, Jensen draws young readers in with vital information on fitness and nutrition, then leads into other chapters that contain warnings and common-sense solutions on safety (and sure to help parents breathe a little easier).

Written in a lighthearted, casual and humorous narrative, College Basic Training is being hailed by reviewers as a ‘user friendly’ informative guide for young women. Packed with sound advice, it provides the necessary tools to avoid or overcome adversity and the pressures that come with college life – resulting in a healthier lifestyle and more positive future.

Susan Jensen has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota and Personal Fitness Trainer and Health Coach certifications from the American Council on Exercise. The founder of Swan Fitness and Health Coaching, Susan is passionate about helping young adults stay healthy and safe as they navigate from the security of their homes to the challenges of college life. Susan’s book was inspired by the experiences of her two college-age kids and their friends, and she hopes it will be a way to help young people strengthen their minds and bodies, leap unexpected hurdles, and develop new wisdom and self-respect. Her knowledge and expertise enable her to provide the essential tools for achieving a healthy and happy adulthood.

For more information on Susan or her book, please visit: www.Swanfitcoach.com

College Basic Training: Strengthen Your Mind and Body to Leap any College Hurdle
Swan Fitness Publishing
Available online at Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon
$19.99 Paper
ISBN-13 978-0990578925


Midwest Book Review: “…An informed and informative instruction guide that is thoroughly ‘user friendly’ from beginning to end. More than just another exercise manual, College Basic Training covers such aspects of personal health and well-being as sleep, nutrition, eating disorders, alcohol and drugs, media distraction, and time management. Of special note is the chapter devoted to sexual assault… [Book] is very highly recommended…”

California Bookwatch, “…By directing advice to college women, this book goes where few others attempt, creating the kind of training program that fits easily into a college student’s life. It should be on the reading lists of any heading off to school or moving away from home for the first time.”

Excerpts from Amazon five-star reviews:

“I really enjoyed this book and thought it was very fun, whimsical, and informative… definitely targeted college females however I think it would be beneficial for middle school girls to read as well. All the fun pictures and ease of reading would appeal to the younger generation. As a 27 year old, I can relate to all topics discussed in the book…I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun gift for any middle or highschooler.”

“What’s great about this book in particular is that the author is not afraid to tackle the really tough subjects: sexual assault, eating disorders, alcohol consumption, contraceptives and more. She knows that this is all part of college life and addresses each issue with the attitude that college students will not be able to avoid certain problems and concerns but how these issues can be dealt with positively. This is the perfect book for the high school graduate as they prepare to leave the “nest” for the first time. It is written in an easy “go to” format for each subject. Send this along with your new college freshmen and you might just sleep a little easier at night!”

“[Book] covers essential issues facing college students, especially as they deal with a new and sometimes challenging life on college campus. Topics like sexuality, new-age dating, eating and weight control, fitting in, depression, and alcohol use are dealt with frankly and in an easy-to-approach manner. [Book] is an especially helpful tool to bring family members together to discuss life-style matters that can mean the success or failure of college life…format and illustrations add flair and light to this amazing work.”

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