CMRubinWorld’s new interview with author and thought leader Charles Fadel challenges traditional ideas of how character traits are taught to children

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CMRubinWorld’s new interview with author and thought leader Charles Fadel challenges traditional ideas of how character traits are taught to children.

In an increasingly complex world, society is rediscovering the importance of teaching character qualities or “how one behaves and engages in the world.”

During a recent interview with C. M. Rubin, Founder of CMRubinWorld, Charles Fadel, Founder and Chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign, discusses the increasing importance of character education for today’s world. In a survey done by BIAC, an organization that advises the OECD with 50 employer organizations from around the globe, Fadel notes that “80% of the respondents termed character as becoming more important.” Additionally, employers have indicated 6 specific character qualities that are of “very high” importance to the workplace: Ethics, Leadership, Resilience, Curiosity, Mindfulness and Courage.

Many believe character education should be the sole responsibility of parents or religious institutions, but Fadel argues that “schools are the best place where this education can take place.” He notes that “this is a major differentiating factor for independent schools; why wouldn’t it be a valid proposition for children in public schools as well? Further, this is not an OR proposition between the various entities that help a child learn character; school is part of the process because it takes a village – we must develop these qualities in school, at home, in communities – working together.”

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Charles Fadel is a global education thought leader, futurist and inventor; founder and chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign. He is the co-author of the best-selling book, Four-Dimensional Education: The Competencies Learners Need to Succeed. Fadel has worked with education systems and institutions in more than thirty countries. He was formerly Global Education Lead at Cisco Systems, and holds a BSEE, a MBA, and five patents.

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