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July 02, 2020…Miami…Today City Girls release the first of a 5-part docuseries, CITY GIRLS THE SERIES. Watch today’s episode, YUNG MIAMI’S SECRET, HERE. Produced by Quality Films, episodes feature honest footage captured throughout JT and Yung Miami’s turbulent lives and careers and will air in weekly installments. Watch the trailer for the whole series HERE.

The road to City Girls’ second LP, City on Lock, came with struggles and the girls’ strength and support to overcome those struggles. YUNG MIAMI’S SECRET opens with Yung Miami nervously and tearfully telling her label CEO at Quality Control Music, Pierre “P” Thomas, that she is pregnant.

Having already been responsible for holding the group down solo while JT served her prison sentence for credit card fraud, Yung Miami was reluctant to reveal her pregnancy as she didn’t want people to think “there’s a limit to what [she] can do.”

But being a City Girl means to never fold, be it prison or pregnancy, losses or leaks the best friends support each other. And with the triumphant reunion and release of City On Lock, the City Girls quickly trended on twitter, went to #1 on the Apple Music album chart, and are now #1 most added at the Rhythm Radio station format.

“We Love Yal SOOOO MUCH! Yal really have made this the best experience regardless of the circumstances. It’s summer and the CITY ON LOCK. #Period #CityOnLock” they wrote on their Instagram.

Download hi-res HERE

Last week City Girls posted two hashtags, #WorkingWomenWednesday and #SmallBusinessSunday, appreciating and recognizing the struggles of working City Girls and City Boys everywhere. Every Wednesday JT and Yung Miami will honor workers who deserve to be recognized with $1000 bucks, and every Sunday they highlight small businesses on their socials and give $1,000 in ad credits to help drive customers.

City Girls wanted to thank the fans who held them down and helped their success skyrocket even during some of the most trying times in their career. See the first Working Wednesday winners below, and head to Instagram and upload a post nominating someone worthy. Make sure to use the hashtags #CityGirlsJobs, #WorkingWomenWednesday or #SmallBusinessSunday & tagging @CityGirls.

City on Lock speaks to individuals to do what they need to do to keep themselves moving and thriving in an unstable environment. The City Girls relay a consistent theme of Girl-Power, independence, and trying to have fun when the world feels like it can be working against you. Best friends since middle school, JT and Miami have made their way to the top with an in-your-face unapologetic swagger, demanding respect with a self-empowering message. As Billboard noted in their cover story, the ride-or-die sisterhood between the two is inspirational and exemplary in the way the City Girls wish to empower everyone.

First #WorkingWomanWednesday Winners

my big cousin/ Sister works hard year round. She finished her bachelor’s degree May 2, 2020. i seen my cousin work OVERTIME WEEKLY plus go to school and MAKE ALL A’s. She is someone I look up too and She always gonna help uplift the next black woman ? next month (july) will mark her 1 year cancer free anniversary and her bday July 22 it will be a great bday gift. I can’t think of anyone else that deserves this ??? #workingwomanwednesday #citygirlsJob @thegirljt @yungmiami305 @citygirls #citygirlsjobs
Work Ethic is crazy???? Babygirl been working since she was 16 gettin it in from the muscle. She is 20 now, still a 2 job shawtie, starting her junior year of college & I couldnt be more proud of her…… #WorkingWomenWednesday #CityGirlsJobs @citygirls @thegirljt @yungmiami305 @cityygirl.e
My Story, I’m a manager at CVs Pharmacy. We never shut down and have been working extra hard since COVID 19. Cleaning counters , atm , registers, photo machines etc every hour has been the story of my life. Every company has giving fair raises and bonus , BESIDE RICH AND CHEAP CVS. They gave the full time employees $300 TAXED IT AND we got around $187 for workin all these months, part times got $150 so maybe $80 after tax. I would love the $1000 bonus from my favorite girls ! I work hard because I know I am the job I make the customers day just being me! @citygirls I need that money “Tee Tee voice from set it off”
#cityonlock #stream #purchase #support #miami #dade #workingwomanwednesday #workingwomenwednesday #citygirlsjobs #citygirlsjobchallenge


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