Citizens for Sarasota County: The Charter, the Fish, and the Machine

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The Charter Review Board is supposed to help citizens modify and improve our home rule Charter. Recently, though, the Board has proposed its own amendments, which make it more difficult for citizens to participate in the process. We need a new Charter Review Board.

Two bits of news on the Fish Farm proposed off our shores:
1. The Army Corps of Engineers set a deadline to receive Sarasota residents’ comments, but thanks to a glitch all comments we sent in vanished. The Corps has now extended the deadline to Nov. 19, If you’ve already emailed your comment, take a moment to resend it. This time you’ll get a confirmation that it’s been received.
2. A letter from local businesses – especially those related to fishing, tourism, retail, entertainment, or restaurants – i.e. pretty much everything – will be sent to those reviewing the Fish Farm application. More on this here, with a link to the letter.

In this year’s local elections – a lot of money is trying to persuade you how to vote. We have single member districts, which then got redistricted (“gerrymandered,” said the Judge). If this can teach us anything, it’s that Sarasota County’s entrenched political class is a well-oiled machine. As the saying goes, follow the money.

Citizens for Sarasota County (CSC) is a coalition founded in 2014 to promote ethical, responsive government that preserves and enhances Sarasota’s unique natural environment and cultural heritage while building a sound local economy based on effective stewardship and innovation.

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