Chrystal Kubis (FireHeart): 2020 is your year, Will you let it blend into the others or will you grab this new decade and make the most of it? 

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2020 is your year. Will you let it blend into the others or will you grab this new decade and make the most of it? 
Many people want their lives to be different. They want to feel better. They want their hearts to stop hurting, their minds to slow down, their bodies to feel good. They are hungry for more love, more joy and more fulfillment.
As you prepare to enter a whole new decade, I ask you,
What’s your plan?
What do you want your life to look and feel like?
Who do you want to become? 

My name is Chrystal Kubis, most people call me FireHeart. I’ve spent the last 22 years of my life have been immersed in personal and spiritual development. I am a transformation specialist, master coach and intuitive guide. I specialize in helping people get unstuck, move stagnant energy, heal and (grow)evolve. I work side by side with my clients to transform their life obstacles and fears into newfound inner freedom and personal power. I teach people how to love themselves on a whole new level, so they can show up better in their lives and in the world.

2020 is a Transformational Year. No matter what you’ve been through or who you are, the next level of you is waiting for you.

So I ask you again, What’s your plan? Who’s on your team to help you get there? None of us are given a handbook to navigate our lives with success. Finding the right guide and mentor to provide customized expertise to help your transform is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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with Massive Blessings and Love,

Chrystal Kubis


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