Cat Depot e connection May, 2015; Celebrate the Life of Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader; “Mighty Lou Central” a room at Cat Depot named in his honor on Sunday, May 3, 2015, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

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Cat Depot rescue adoption education resource   Mighty Lou Memorial Fund
Cat Depot e connection                                           May, 2015

Mighty Lou

Celebrate the Life of 
Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader

Mighty Lou left us way too early, but his work and memory impacted the nation, and his mission for special needs cats will go on with the Friends Like Me program.

Help us celebrate his life and dedicate “Mighty Lou Central,” a room at Cat Depot named in his honor.
Sunday, May 3, 2015 
3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Cat Depot, 2542 17th Street, Sarasota

Friends Like Me
For those with special needs

Friends Like Me is a Cat Depot Program to provide emergency medical care and treatment to Cat Depot cats and kittens who are sick, injured or have chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. Meet some of the benefactors of Mighty Lou’s Friends Like Me fund below.

The perfect lap kitty

Calm, sweet Gracie will make the perfect lap kitty. Diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy, she needs to be on anti-seizure medication for the rest of her life. But that won’t stop her from opening her heart to a loving human who needs a constant companion.


Looking for a quiet home

Jasper suffers from hyperthyroidism and needs to be on medication for the rest of his life. He is an older gentleman who is looking for a quiet home and a loving human with whom he can live out his golden years.


A “tri-pod” kitty

A gorgeous, young girl who recently became a “tri-pod” kitty. Carmen had her leg amputated due to injury and severe arthritis. Once she recovers, she is ready to start her new life and make new friends.


Wants to run and jump

Orchid came to us with a fractured femur which required surgery to be repaired. She is lucky to be recuperating now, but unfortunately she is confined to a cage for three months. She walks on a leash daily, but isn’t allowed to run, jump or play while her leg heals. She is looking forward to leaping into the lap of her forever human.

Gus Gus

Gus Gus
Hoping for a home of his own

A kind neighbor rescued Gus Gus who was known to go door to door looking for food and shelter. This big boy has ear and skin issues due to untreated ear mites, and needs dental surgery for four broken teeth. Gus Gus also had surgery for entropion which is a rare eye condition in which the eye lid turns inward causes irritation, pain and possible infection of the cat’s eye. Gus Gus is resting comfortably and no doubt dreaming of a warm, safe loving home.



One of our FIV-positive kitties, Tabbers is plagued with skin allergies that make him itchy. He is also a “Snuffler” with chronic upper respiratory infections. He is a very talkative Tabby who constantly lets us know that he would probably be cured of all his ailments if he could just find his forever home.

Fosters needed

Foster Families Needed
Kitten season has arrived

Our foster care program provides temporary safe and loving homes to kittens and cats until the kittens are eight weeks old and return to Cat Depot to find a permanent family. This program offers a second chance to many animals who would not thrive in a shelter environment.

Kitten season has arrived and over 100 kittens have been placed in foster care in the last few weeks. We are in great need of loving foster families and bottle baby feeders, as we expect many more kittens to arrive soon. Interested in becoming a foster?
Cat Depot’s mission is to save lives, find loving homes, and provide the resources and education to improve the destiny of homeless cats.

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