Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero, the latest work from award-winning poet Brod Bagert

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Did you know that every one of us has a hidden superpower just waiting to be unlocked? It’s not invisibility or flight, but an inner super-strength that builds the foundation for future success. What may this fantastic ability be? Grit! Enter Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero, the latest work from award-winning poet Brod Bagert.


Captain Perseverance, one of three members of the ‘Grit Alliance,’ is an ordinary kid turned superhero who discovers an amazing superpower—he can turn the dread of struggle into the joy of success! From learning to read to working on a project for the dreaded science fair, Captain Perseverance helps young readers learn the power of perseverance, hard work, and determination with his motto: “I break the chains, I fly sky high, there’s nothing I can’t do! I’m a real-life superhero and I started out like you!”


A full-time professional poet, Bagert has grossed over $4 million from his books alone. He has also acted as a visiting author in over 2,000 schools and has presented at conferences in every state, as well as institutions within Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.


With its high-energy illustrations and inspiring text that reinforces the priceless value of hard work, Captain Perseverance: How I Became a Superhero is a must-have for librarians, educators, parents, and relatives of young children everywhere. Topics and themes explored in Captain Perseverance include:


  • The importance perseverance when pursuing success in all areas of life.
  • Instilling grit in children through the timeless power of engaged story telling.
  • The power of “start with your worst, then make it better and better and better.”
  • The role of perseverance in Bagert’s own midlife metamorphosis from lawyer-politician to children’s poet.
  • How our ingrained vocabulary, such as using the phrase “do your best” often sets children up for failure.


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