Can Our Four Legged Friends Actually Help Reduce Anxiety?

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Can Our Four Legged Friends Actually Help Reduce Anxiety?

By Sharon Marantz Walsh


Mass shootings, Covid isolation, the climate crisis, inflation, politics, along with the stress of day to day living, has definitely heightened feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress in many of us. The question is, can our four legged pets actually be a pill free antidote for these problems?

A poll taken by the ASPCA discovered that during the Covid pandemic, 23 million American households brought a pet into their homes.

Pets are indeed part of the family. They need attention, health care and of course love. In return our furry friends give back so much unconditional love in return.

The very bond between pets and their owners can have an enormously profound effect on our mental health. The Human Animal Bond Research Institute, a not for profit organization, funds research concerning the health benefits of human and animal relationships.

Recent studies have shown the benefits pets have in helping to treat, stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD.
Did you know our pets are indeed, actual mood boosters. Just looking at your cat or dog can actually make you feel better. Studies at Harvard have shown that eye contact with your pet releases oxytocin levels in your blood, giving you a greater sense of well being.

The simple, every day act of petting your dog or cat can even help lower your blood pressure. Pet owners feel less isolated, less alone. Their pets have given them a sense of routine, security, and control. At Cedar Sinai hospital, the Barbara Cowen Pooch Volunteer program, brings dogs directly to patients bed sides. They have found by doing this, they can actually lift patient’s spirits, and lower anxiety for the patients and staff as well.

My husband and I have had our Maltipoo Marais for almost six months now. Pawrade’s zero tolerance towards puppy mills and scams, as well as their quality health policy guarantees, gave us needed security in selecting the puppy that best fit our

Yes, as any new pet owner can attest, the first six months definitely had it’s challenges. Just who was training who? But Pawrade’s Courtney Dean, as well as Marais’ breeder was always available to address my questions and concerns.
Morning cuddles and kisses have become our wake up routine, so much to the point that we have stopped turning on the tv to listen to the news, and just bask in the calm togetherness Marais has brought to our lives.

Feelings of isolation, during the pandemic, seems to melt away on our dog walks. Marais loves meeting other dog owners and playing with their pets. Despite the masks, we have made quite a few new friends along the way.
Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than meeting your BFF, finding a comfortable bench over looking the river and indulging in some good girl talk while playing with Marais. You just can’t help but smile, and laugh at her responses and playfulness.

When we come home and open the door, we are met with so much love from Marais that any upset of the day immediately vanishes.

Now I’m not saying my husband and I don’t watch the news, or have our issues, read the papers, or are unaware of the conditions our country and world is in. I’m not saying because of Marais we spend blissful days of contentment without worry or a care. Problems still exist. However, I am saying that Marais has definitely brought joy into our lives, elevated our moods and alway makes us laugh.

Life is good!

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Marais Grooming by Roger at Puppy Tale Lodge



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