C.J. Daniels returns in his highly anticipated novel Evolution’s End, the first in his latest series, the Dark Frontier

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When one family finds themselves at the forefront of a life or death battle against an ancient evil, can they persevere, or will years of dysfunctional family history be the end of mankind as we know it? Author of The Karma Chronicles, C.J. Daniels returns to explore this very question in his highly anticipated novel Evolution’s End, the first in his latest series, the Dark Frontier.


Branded a traitor and now undercover on Mars for the Earth Alliance, Captain Kate Dante attempts to put the pieces together tying the disappearances of Alliance shipping with the rash of unexplained deaths and missing persons throughout the system. The Corporate criminals she pursued controlled Mars, and welcomed ‘Earth’s traitor’ into their hornets’ nest, but she knows time is short—if they doubt her loyalty, she is as good as dead.


Unbeknownst to Kate, her father and brother have begun their own investigation on Mars, looking for connections between the disappearances and Earth corporate giant Striker Industries—an act Kate knows could have deadly consequences. Now, Kate’s hope is to survive long enough to clear her name, complete the mission, and save her brother as events turn darker than she could have imagined.


Filled with compelling new twists, Evolution’s End explores:

  • Why having strong, complex female characters is critical not only within the science fiction genre, but literature in general
  • The spirit of mankind reaching and exploring the solar system and beyond
  • An almost cinematic feeling of how the story progresses as it weaves mystery, science fiction and horror together, with the action pulsing through the entire structure of the story
  • The theme of self sacrifice within the story, and how it serves a powerful purpose in furthering the development of the plot and characters



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