Brazzers Pioneers Brain Study to Create Ultimate Adult Scene for the American Subconscious

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Brazzers Pioneers Brain Study to Create Ultimate Porn Scene for the American Subconscious

World’s largest premium adult brand enlists leading brain activity researchers Brainsights to conduct study whose results reveal a strong disparity between what consumers say they prefer and what their subconscious reveals

LOS ANGELES, CA. August 28, 2018 – The industry’s leading premium porn brand, BRAZZERS, partnered with brainwave research leaders, Brainsights, in a mission to gather information on the sexual propensities of the adult mind towards adult entertainment. The resulting scene, entitled ‘Pornisity’, utilizes information gathered from the study to create ‘Subconscious-Intelligent Porn’ (SIP). The new form of adult entertainment pioneered by BRAZZERS incorporates the elements of porn scenes that attract the most attention, cause the most emotional connection, and are best retained in the viewers’ memory according to the study. The information gleaned from the research varied greatly from the preferences voiced by participants.

The study, captured in a documentary now available on the TRENDZZ YouTube channel courtesy of BRAZZERS, consisted of a 100-participant sample embarking on a private brain scan in New York City. The participants, aged between 18 and 29 years old, completed introductory and exit surveys, as well as engaged in a 45-minute brain scan session where they viewed a variety of BRAZZERS clips. The study produced a total of 75 hours of brainwave data that was transcoded and analyzed by researchers at Brainsights. The results of the study influenced the creation of ‘Pornisity’, the adult industry’s very first porn production informed by the subconscious brainwave data of ‘Millennial’ Americans.

Brainsights co-founder and CEO, Kevin Keane, explained the study’s place in the field of brainwave analysis as the first of its kind:

“Talking about one’s sexuality, sexual fantasies and sexual preferences can be hard – we may not be consciously aware of these preferences and their underlying drivers, much less have the vocabulary and social courage to articulate them. That’s what makes this study so clever and innovative: it uses neuroscience data to quantify these preferences – with often surprising results – and provides a richer understanding of what turns them on.”

BRAZZERS Senior Product Director, Mario Nardstein, explained the decision behind the study:

“Wanting to do more with our adult entertainment, we broke down the viewing experience of the biggest porn-viewing demographic according to our analytics, and zeroed in on the mental and physical stimulation element. By focusing on the psychological, we are better able to stimulate the physical. With ‘Pornisity’, we have created porn that stimulates viewers on a deeper level than they might even be aware of.

What surprised us the most from the study however, was how the brainwaves told a vastly different story when compared to what participants explicitly told us they preferred in their porn.”

Some notable results regarding top-performing and underperforming positions, performer breast type preferences, most engaging parts in scenes, and more, have been displayed on for those curious to learn what the brain told BRAZZERS. Not all information gleaned from the private study will be released to the public.

‘Pornisity’, the scene inspired by BRAZZERS’ research into the American subconscious, now has a trailer available on BRAZZERS. The full scene will be released on BRAZZERS, September 1st.

To download infographics, view the study documentary and view the ‘Pornisity’ safe-for-work trailer:

About Brazzers

Since it was founded in 2004, Brazzers has become the world’s number one brand in online adult entertainment. With over 7500 scenes, 30+ sites and 1600+ porn stars on its network, Brazzers remains the industry leader recognized for its unique and uncanny storytelling featuring fan-favorite porn stars in high-end original content.

About Brainsights

Brainsights is driven by a desire to help people understand their unconscious biases, and how that impacts their decision-making. Its proprietary brain measurement and insights platform is used by the world’s leading brands, educators and media and entertainment companies to better understand the true motivations of people, in order to create experiences, stories and products they love.

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