BMI Award-Winning Producer, Svoy, Releases His Entire Catalogue Backwards

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To Release Entire Album Catalogue Backwards

(photo by Fernanda Faya)

BMI Award-winning producer/writer/artist for Universal Music Group announces the release of his entire album catalogue backwards. His best-selling Eclectric (2005), Billboard-charting Automatons (2009) and critically-acclaimed Grow Up (2011) return August 12th, 2014, as Pu Worg, Snotamotua and Cirtcelce, respectively.

The albums feature mirrored original artwork, as well as each of the three records playing in reverse. Two of the songs on Snotamotua were written in collaboration with Universal Music Group platinum songwriter/singer/guitarist extraordinaire,Adam Levy, and MTV Award-winning multi-hit songrwiter/artist, Ilya Lagutenko.

“Emit eud ni sgniht doog raeh I, rehtona ro yaw siht. Tsrif, sdrawkcab eht decneirepxe gnivah retfa doog eht etaicerppa ot elbissop ylno si ti netfo tey …Ereh sdrawkcab ti evah I emuserp thgim eno” says Svoy, New York-based multi Independent Music Award winner whose music is described as “…Poignant. Complex. Refreshing” by Billboard, “…Expertly produced” by PopMatters and having“…Depth and resonance” by JazzTimes Magazine. He is a Berklee College of Music and Gnessin Academy of Music graduate.

CirtcelceSnotamotua and Pu Worg are available internationally now.

Pu Worg tracklist:

1. Uoy Fo Kniht I Nehw (4:03)

2. Eybdoog Yas (4:28)

3. Etaicerppa (1:45)

4. Sruoy Ton S’taht Gnihtemos (3:09)

5. (Uoy Gnillet) Enil Tnorf (3:21)

6. Ralupopnu (2:47)

7. Tnaw Uoy Gnihtyreve (3:52)

8.  Rebmemer Em Pleh (3:17)

9. Won Thgir, Ereh Thgir (3:08)

10. Pu Worg Reven (3:37)

Snotamotua tracklist:

1. 0103 Yawa Gnivird (3:47)

2. Daor Eht Rof Eno (4:47)

3. (Tuo\Ni) Ecneics (4:26)

4. Eroda (1:39)

5. Tsiparehtohcysp (3:49)

6. Niav Ni Sdrow (4:57)

7. Sdrow (0:18)

8. Snoitnetni (3:47)

9. MA 52 (5:34)

10. Edulretni Snotamotua (0:18)

11. (Enim Er’uoy) Sruoy M’i (3:08)

12. Gniht Lufituaeb (3:07)

13. Snotamotua (3:00)

14. Em Revo (3:21)

Cirtcelce tracklist:

1. Eb Ot Desu Ti Tahw Ot (4:21)

2. Redniwnu Cirtcelce (0:31)

3. Yhs (7:31)

4. Dniw Naht Regnorts (4:08)

5. Uoy Rof Gnikool (4:06)

6. Dnats Thgin Eno (4:11)

7. Erom Derac (4:36)

8. Enim Uoy Ekam (3:45)

9. Nwo Ym No (3:36)

10. Evol T’nod I (3:27)

11.  Edis Rehto Eht (4:01)

12.  Yawa Gnivird (3:36)

Svoy – vocals, spoken word, keyboards, keytar, producer, programming, arrangement, sound engineering, mixing, mastering, on all 3 albums, as well as art direction, design on Snotamotua Pu Worg

A-ux – co-production on “Uoy Rof Gnikool”

Myles D’Marco – guitar on “Dnats Thgin Eno”

Adam Levy – guitar, vocals, guest artist on “Niav Ni Sdrow”

Ilya Lagutenko – vocals, guest artist on “Snoitnetni”

Kevin Reagan – art direction, design, photography on Cirtcelce & Svoy logo on all 3 albums

Fernanda Faya – photography on Snotamotua

All songs: music & lyrics by Svoy, © 2014 Sixteenth Republic Music/Songs of Universal, Inc. (BMI), except “Niav Ni Sdrow” – music by Svoy & Adam Levy, © 2014 Sixteenth Republic Music/Songs of Universal, Inc. (BMI)/Lost Wax Music/Universal Music Corporation (ASCAP) and “Snoitnetni” – music by Svoy and Ilya Lagutenko, lyrics by Svoy, © 2014 Sixteenth Republic Music/Songs of Universal, Inc. (BMI)/Mumiy Troll Music (ASCAP)

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