Billy McFarland Gives Exclusive Interview to Docuseries from The Cinemart, Billboard, Hulu and Mic

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Billy McFarland Gives Exclusive Interview to Docuseries from The Cinemart, Billboard, Hulu and Mic:


“Before we had the worst luck, we had the best luck.” Said Billy McFarland, Founder of Fyre Festival. “So many things had to go right to make Fyre this big of a failure.”

    • Fyre Fest docuseries from The Cinemart, Billboard, Hulu and Mic announce their exclusive sit-down interview with disgraced festival organizer Billy McFarland
    • After pleading guilty to wire fraud in February 2018, the team secured access to a tell-all interview from the mastermind of the Fyre Festival
    • The interviews took place prior to his arrest on Tuesday, June 12 after new charges were mounted against him for a post-Fyre Fest Ticket scam
    • Since his initial downfall in 2017 following the collapse of the Festival, McFarland has not spoken with any other interviewers to share his side of the story, until now
    • McFarland plead guilty to two counts of fraud in March 2018, is facing up to 40 years in prison and has been awaiting sentencing
    • New charges against McFarland were revealed on Tuesday, June 12 including wire fraud and money laundering after allegedly engaging in a scheme to sell fake ticket to concert and sporting events
    • The insightful yet explosive 8-hour interview with McFarland delves into the festival organizers entire life, from childhood to sentencing, covering ground on morality, ethics, and ambition.

About the Fyre Festival Docuseries:

    • The Cinemart, Billboard Hulu and Mic to produce and distribute a highly anticipated docuseries around Fyre Festival, the presumed ultra-luxurious music festival gone wrong that was set to take place in 2017
    • The docuseries will be released exclusively on Hulu in 2019
    • The untitled docuseries recounts the events leading up to and during the event, as well as the eventual collapse and aftermath of Fyre Festival
    • In addition to McFarland, the docuseries will feature a series of in-depth interviews from inside sources including Bahamians, stranded festivalgoers, vendors, investors and more, exploding the scope of the story into a film about our culture as a whole which presents a cautionary tale about ambition – and a platform to examine the decay of social media and venture capitalism.
    • The docuseries will also include hours of exclusive never-before-seen footage, leaked documents, emails and recordings drawing on Billboard’s elite roster of artists, reporters and commentators and Mic’s articles and in-depth investigative reporting on the Fyre Festival
    • The Cinemart will head production with directors Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason and executive producer Michael Gasparro
    • John Amato and Dana Miller will executive produce for Billboard
    • Angela Freedman and Sharmi Ghandi will executive produce for Mic
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