Bebe Huxley, singer, songwriter and filmmaker based in San Francisco CA, releases Hypnotik EP and Video

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Bebe Huxley ( singer, songwriter and filmmaker based in San Francisco CA–is Tarantino Barbie: a high-femme blonde with a vendetta. She lives for emotional peaks and valleys, romances and tragedies, wielding an emotional intelligence evident here in her debut pop opus, Hypnotik. Self-written with production by Poison Arena (Kreayshawn), the EP floats effortlessly between nostalgic 90’s dance pop, Kate Bush angst and Britney Spears infection, all cruising on a voice imbued with steam, range and effable sensuality.

The release is feted by a high-gloss, Kill Bill inspired joyride video directed by Teddy Nguyen (  and features official music videos for all songs–pop fantasias with fleshy narratives and guilty-pleasure histrionics.
Raised in suburban Los Angeles, Bebe strutted into being as the artistic daughter of Kate Bush and Thom Yorke; she’s the youngest of five sisters called The Spice Girls. After heading north to study Theater at UC Berkeley, she fell in love with the pulsating underground electronic and performance scenes of San Francisco. By 2013 she was headlining a weekly residency at the most famous gay bar in the city, Aunt Charlie’s Lounge, becoming a mainstay of the infamous High Fantasy party–birthplace of queer icons, BoychildAlexis Penny and Myles Cooper. It was here that she crossed paths with Poison Arena, and resolved to tell her stories of agony, revenge, love, and destiny over his Italo-Disco, breakbeat-driven Hip Hop symphonies. The result is a collection of bite-sized morsels of sex, glamour, joy and pain that’s sure to melt in both your mouth and your ears. Be sure to tune in before its release November 11, because you can’t just eat one, and everyone will want a piece.  
Zoe Bender

Manager for Bebe Huxley

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