BeacHhouse Restaurant Unveils New Dining Room and Bar

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March 2014

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BeacHhouse Restaurant Unveils New Dining Room and Bar

On March 14th, after nearly seven months of renovations, the BeacHhouse Restaurant will unveil their completely rebuilt interior including the new dining room, bar, bathrooms, retail area and state-of-the-art kitchen.

The renovations began in September, 2013. Architect, Barron Schimberg along with interior designer, Patty Schimberg and team, who also designed the new Sandbar Restaurant, worked diligently to design a new look for the popular, 20 year old restaurant. Whitehead Construction owner, Brent Whitehead, Sean Moloney, Whitehead’s project supervisor and Chiles Group project manager, Mark Anderson collaborated to create the new and improved BeacHhouse. According to owner, Ed Chiles, “This was an ambitious undertaking. It was important that it be done right. We knew there were going to be challenges due primarily to the scope of the project. I am extremely happy with how it has turned out and congratulate all those who have worked so hard to make it happen”. Chiles continues, “It was important to bring the atmosphere of the beach and colors of the Gulf into the new design and to increase the functionality of our kitchen, bar and dining room so our staff could continue to serve great food and provide excellent customer service to our guests”.

The project included a new dining room complete with new flooring, ceiling, fixtures and furniture, an expansive bar with all new bar seating, large windows allowing for spectacular views of the newly renourished beach and specialty features that accentuate the real Florida dining experience for which the BeacHhouse is known. Guests entering the restaurant will immediately notice that the entrance has been opened up allowing for enticing views of the new bar and sparkling Gulf of Mexico. The host area and retail space incorporate the warm, inviting blue and turquoise colors of the Gulf. The new cypress ceiling and state of the art Chilewich flooring system give the inside a well-balanced look with clean lines and a comfortable feel. An impressive wine wall stretches the entire length of the dining room’s south end showcasing the BeacHhouse wine list including the Lola wine varietals that are extremely popular in all of the Chiles Group Restaurants. The expansive windows allow unobstructed views of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With the recent beach renourishment project now complete there is more beach for people to see and enjoy giving guests a true toes in the sand dining experience. The furniture compliments the inside décor with the chairs being constructed of wood veneer and multicolored hatch tops styling’s. The tables are wooden with a muted mix of the colors you see as the Gulf sparkles in the afternoon sun. The project also included all new bathrooms beautifully styled for the restaurant’s guests.

The new, state-of-the-art kitchen was opened a few weeks ago. The renovations posed challenges for the staff. Cooks and servers had to work from portable kitchens and service stations throughout the first 5 months. BeacHhouse General Manager, Rebecca Shannon stated, “Our crew was amazing. They really stepped up to the plate and dealt with the challenges with the upmost professionalism and flexibility. I always knew we had a great team here but the way they have sailed through this construction period has made me extremely proud”. Chef Will Manson and his crew were eager to get in the new kitchen after spending five months cooking out of three portable kitchens. According to owner, Ed Chiles, “The facility is beautiful and will allow us to take our menu and customer service to a higher level”. Renovating the inside of the popular twenty year old establishment is part of many new initiatives Chiles has incorporated into his restaurants over the past three years. With his recent purchase of two local farms, involvement in the Anna Maria Fish Company and partnership with Seth Cripe in Lola Wines, the menus have broadened to include innovative and creative dishes that foodies, localvores and those wanting a real Florida dining experience have embraced. Being able to have direct access to locally harvested farm to fork produce has allowed the chefs to be on the cutting edge developing edgy new items for real foodies to try.

Chiles states, “The combination of the beautiful produce and vegetables now coming from our farms and the new kitchens at the Sandbar and BeacHhouse makes our staff excited as we pursue our commitment to better serve our guests. The BeacHhouse interior is a total transformation? We can’t wait to see our guests’ reactions when they see it for the first time. Barron Schimberg, our architect and his wife Patty our interior designer, have done great work as has Mark Anderson, our in-house construction manager and Sean Moloney, project supervisor with Whitehead Construction”. Chiles continues, “I am extremely proud of the job General Manager, Rebecca Shannon, Chef Will Manson and all of our crew have done in continuing to serve our guests during this ambitious undertaking. It wasn’t easy for them. The alternative was to shut down for a year and that was not an option for our staff or our guests. Plans are underway to continue the second phase of the restaurants rebuilding in the fall of 2014. Those plans will include exterior remodeling as well as renovation to the Gulf front patios. We can’t wait to show you the improvements? We will officially reveal the new BeacHhouse inside on March 14. We look forward to your feedback and to serve you in this newly renovated and uncompromised location. Welcome to the new BeacHhouse! 


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