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 NEW YORK | 21 AUGUST 2014
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Full Sale Ahead
The Barneys Warehouse Sale begins today.
Dear summer:

It’s been fun. The shorts. The linen. The occasional ill-advised sandal.

We thank you for unencumbering us, if only for a few short months.

But today we bid you farewell, because today is the Barneys Warehouse Sale, NYC’s annual shrine to everything that is stylish, hucking wares at 60% off through September 1st.

The Barneys Warehouse Sale is the everyman’s style polis — a place where suit-buying greenhorns bump elbows with black card-carrying Wall Streeters aiming to stock that new walk-in.

The offerings: ample. The suits: Sinatra level. The price tags: pinch-me-I’m-sleeping.

Three trends to look out for, according to our resident style editor (I’m peeking over his shoulder at our upcoming Fall Style Issue as we speak):

  • Herringbone blazers
  • The popover (aka a button-down that only buttons down halfway)
  • And lug-sole boots (leather upper, rubber sole)

The curtain drops today at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 W. 18th Street, between 6th and 7th.

Come one, come all, hell — send a label-savvy intern.

Happy scavenging.

Barneys New York
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