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Baeble first encountered New York dream-pop outfit Savoir Adore six years ago. The band, lead then by the fresh-out- of-school duo Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro were the talk of the town; a dreamy and endearing dream-pop outfit that somehow already had a batch of perfect songs, despite their general newness to the scene. Baeble filmed the band at Brooklyn Bowl, the band went on a nice roll of their own for a few years, and then they maybe-sorta- kinda disappeared shortly after releasing their rather wonderful break-through full-length Our Nature in 2012.
Fast forward 4 years and Savoir Adore are back…and dare we say, better than ever. Hammer and Muro have gone their separate ways, but Hammer’s resurrection of the band with a whole new outfit is a thing of beauty. The band was kind enough to drop in on The Baeble Bounce House in Austin earlier this Spring to showcase the new songs and hefty new line-up. On a day that featured one killer performance after another, the band’s set at the party really stood out. It had been years since Baeble last saw Savoir, and the glossy, anthemic, and heartfelt batch of songs from their recently-released album The Love That Remains really hit the sweet spot. Baeble’s been sitting on the set for a little while now, waiting for the perfect time to showcase the next chapter in one of our favorite hometown acts. And well, with the band’s first album in four years finally out and the summer sun still beating us all into submission, the timing seems right. Enjoy Savoir Adore’s killer set in Austin.
Watch the recently resurrected Brooklyn dream pop outfit Savoir Adore bring glossy, anthemic, and a heartfelt batch of songs to The Baeble Bounce House now on the Baeble site here or via the Baeble Music app. To learn more about Savoir Adore, visit:
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