Author and illustrator Bethany Straker: “Why Am I Scared of Everything? A Diary of Our Greatest Worries and Inspirational Quotes to Remember”

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Meet Regina Sharpe. She has full-blown anxiety, but she’s not alone. More than forty million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders, and women are twice as likely as men to be riddled with unfettered anxiety.
Author and illustrator Bethany Straker has had personal experience dealing with anxiety, and wanted to adopt a humorous approach at addressing our common fears. In her new book, Why Am I Scared of Everything?: A Diary of Our Greatest Worries and Inspirational Quotes to Remember, she highlights a selection of common anxiety-inducing fears such as:
Being a failure
Changing jobs
Having children
Becoming a bag lady
And many more!
With witty illustrations and inspirational quotes on each spread to help any anxiety sufferer get through the tough times, Why Am I Scared of Everything? promises to make the reader laugh at his or her own worries while feeling as if they aren’t alone in their fears. Available for pre-order now @ Amazon.


About the Author
Bethany Straker has illustrated ten books as well as a number of magazines. She likes to use humor to draw her audience in for both her children’s and adult books. Her work has been described as “somewhere between the stylings of a Steve Fiorilla and a Mike Judge series” ( She enjoys the little visual details that others may not notice, loves drawing the grotesque, and champions the underdog. She lives in Kent, England.
Product Details
                  Hardcover: 96 pages
                  Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (February 10, 2015)
                  Language: English
                  ISBN-10: 1629144606
                  ISBN-13: 978-1629144603


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