Attrition: Blistering New Novel, Hailed “Engaging and Unpredictable” by Critics, Proves Humanity’s Bold Power to Redeem

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Attrition: Blistering New Novel, Hailed “Engaging and Unpredictable” by Critics, Proves Humanity’s Bold Power to Redeem.

Masterfully crafted by Dwight B. Daniels and Susan B. Flanagan, ‘Attrition: Can Drive you into Darkness’ embroils readers in the brutal and abusive upbringing of a young boy, whose relationship with his father is experienced at the receiving end of his belt. Young Richie is told he’s nobody, that he’ll amount to nothing and is worthless to society. Join Richie as he fights through the adversity and emerges victorious, in a coming-of-age adventure that will help readers recognize and embrace the iron-clad resilience of the human soul.

Houston, Texas – It’s every author’s dream; a movie offer from a major Hollywood production house less than a year after their novel hit the shelves. But for the award-winning duo, Dwight B Daniels and Susan B. Flanagan, that’s exactly what has happened with ‘Attrition: Can Drive you into Darkness’.

And that’s because their compelling creation is so much more than a book of thoroughbred fiction; it’s a gripping, dark and disturbing story of one boy’s abusive upbringing that morphs into an uplifting story of triumphing over the odds. In short, readers will be left reexamining their own lives.


“In his dark room one night, Richie trembled in fear, holding back his tears, after all, he was still just a boy. But the ever-bitter Lamont, always took great pleasure in extracting hard fought lessons from his son. His broad back pulled back and the belt swung so loud Richie could hear it. One whip, two whips, three whips. Poor little Richie tried with all his might to hold his screams back, but after the fifth strike of his father’s belt, he burst into tears, making his father angrier.

‘You’ll never amount to nothin’, boy.’ His dad said, and with one final blow with his belt, ‘and you betta not forget how to behave around me. You got that?’ The last whip came, and Richie closed his eyes, wishing he were somewhere and someone else….”

Richie did amount to something, and achieved all he ever wanted in life, a big house, beautiful wife…. But would the demons of his childhood came back to haunt him, and ruin everything he worked for? Attrition is the story of one man’s struggle to regain his family, his life, and his sanity.

“While many readers will initially claim that they can’t relate to Richie and his life, they’ll soon see that his story is a microcosm of humanity and a cookie-cutter showcase of the human condition’s sheer drive to overcome adversity,” explains Daniels. “If they have been one of the lucky ones to have escaped an abusive upbringing, they’ll definitely see Richie in someone they know.”

Continuing, “I want people to realize that hope always prevails, even during their darkest and most tormenting moments. It’s a hard-hitting moral that has caught the attention of BlueStar Studios Inc. in Hollywood, and we’re currently in discussions about turning it into a major motion picture. The story’s message is universal and, of course, it would make a great movie!”

Critics agree that the narrative is powerful, leaving a slew of positive reviews. For example, one Amazon Customer comments, “This is a well laid out story. It is thought provoking, engaging and unpredictable. If you like true to life stories, you will love this one.”

Diana C. adds, “This is a book that will hold your interest throughout!”

‘Attrition: Can Drive you into Darkness’ is available now:

Copies can also be purchased from the publisher:



About the Authors:

Mr. Dwight B. Daniels is a Houston, Texas native, where he graduated high school at seventeen. At eighteen he enlisted in the U. S. Navy serving eight years. Living in San Felipe, Texas as a child had its challenges, having no utilities in the house allowed Dwight to spend his time outside playing and reading. He found himself reading books more and more, allowing his creative mind to flourish.

Now as a published author Mr. Daniels talents are being recognized by both the public and feature film industry. His latest publication “Attrition” is in negotiations to be adapted to a feature film by one of Hollywood’s major film and TV production companies BlueStar Studios Inc.


Susan B. Flanagan is the Executive Producer for BlueStar Studios Inc. and Managing Editor for Word First Publishing.

She is an Emmy Award® Winning Writer and has won several awards for her innovative work as a film and television producer, as well as being a published author. As the EP on all films, TV programming and publishing for BSI, she has consistently demonstrated the talent and creative abilities that will help BSI become one of the leading domestic and international production companies that create and produce content for worldwide markets in film, TV and publishing.

As an Executive Producer, Show Runner and Writer, she has created and produced shows for all of the major studios, networks and many of the cable stations including Lionsgate, Disney, CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, TLC and Discovery. She worked closely with branding companies and ad sales. Susan has written numerous feature film scripts, scripted dramas, and unscripted series for television; some of which are in pre-production or in development deals.

Additionally she has written numerous screenplays and reverse screenplay adaptations, thus ushering her into a new realm of content development and addressing the latest trends in producing, social media and publishing projects worldwide.

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