Attorney Lisa Bloom may go public and accuse Mr. Woody Fraser of sexual harassment claiming Mr. Fraser created a hostile workplace environment

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Statement of Woody Fraser

Los Angeles, June 27, 2017 – In a few days, on behalf of two of her clients, attorney Lisa Bloom may go public and accuse me of sexual harassment claiming that I have created a hostile workplace environment.  I believe this media-driven event is part of a calculated attempt to ruin my reputation after I refused to settle these accusations in an amount she demanded.  Like many others, I would have preferred resolving things quietly, even though I engaged in no actionable conduct.


I am 82 years old and am considered by some to be the “father” of modern daytime talk shows.  I have discovered talent in many people in many places, including waiters and waitresses who served me in restaurants, like Richard Simmons.  I am well-known in the television industry as a human rights advocate and I am the only television producer who has been nominated multiple times for the Directors Guild of America Diversity Award for being a leader in advancing woman and minorities in television. I and my wife, Noreen Fraser, co-founded “Stand Up To Cancer” a charity that has revolutionized breast cancer research. My wife Noreen succumbed to this horrible disease in late March of this year, just weeks prior to my receiving Ms. Bloom’s demand letter.


I do not possess the financial resources demanded by Ms. Bloom to prevent a media circus. So, instead, I am going to take away the hammer of publicity and am letting the public know that these unfounded claims are about to be aired publicly, including an attempt to label me the next “Roger Ailes.”  In fact, I worked with Mr. Ailes for 9 years at Fox. Although I never personally witnessed inappropriate behavior by Ailes, I would have stopped it immediately if I had.


The women who are accusing me remain in their jobs as well-paid television executives. Although I am far from perfect, I am confident that when the facts regarding the nature of the allegations are fully revealed, before a jury if necessary, my reputation will be restored.


Mr. Fraser is represented by Howard M. Knee and Caroline P. Donelan of Blank Rome LLP.

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