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A metal cult classic, Attika’s ‘When Heroes Fall,’ was recently reissued via Pure Steel Records. Originally self-released on cassette in 1991, the album was then issued on CD a year later by Massacre Records out of Germany, before soon going out of print. But the album remained popular with the metal underground (Belgium’s ‘Metal to Infinity Webzine’ said, “This kind of albums brings me back to the good old days, days I really miss”).

The album can be ordered here:


Originally formed in Palm Bay, Florida in 1985, the line-up featured on ‘When Heroes Fall’ is comprised of Rob Van War – vocals, Bill Kraweski – guitars, Glenn Anthony – bass, and Jeff Patelski – drums.

The reissue contains ten tracks total, including a live version of “Silent Rage” as a bonus.


“My personal favorite tracks are ‘Black Rose’ – I like this one because it shows different aspects musically from the group,” says Van War.. “Lyrically, it is a joy to read with its tale of the post nuclear world. Another, ‘When Heroes Fall,’ the title cut is relentless. Full of anger and the shortest track as well.”


Concerning the album title, the singer explains, “It really balances on a few ideas. The first is that throughout time there have been people to come along and because they are not understood or seen as a threat they are eliminated. The second is that the mankind will tear something down they do not like and replace it with one that fits their purpose better.”


How does Van War feel that the material on ‘When Heroes Fall’ holds up today? “It appears that it is holding up rather well. It was written at a time when we just wanted to get noticed. Lyrically it really hasn’t dated itself. Musically, its roaring machine with one goal to finish its purpose. Possibly, like us all, it will never be complete.”


Lastly, there will be a handful of shows in support of the reissue, according to Van War. “Although there are no true tours associated with the rerelease, we are playing at 2 festivals and 1 more show. May 31 in Longwood , Florida with Combat Records’ Eternal Odyssey for their CD release party. In July 25, we are headed to Germany for the Headbangers Open Air Festival. To complete the year, on November 1 in Cleveland, Ohio at the Pure Steel Festival. We are dedicating a lot of time to getting the new music recorded. This is a very exciting time for us; however as a band with new members, we are really looking forward to the all-new music November release with Pure Steel.”


And now, metalheads will be able to experience this vintage slice of metal once more.




“Filming The Tragedy”
“Silent Rage”
“When Heroes Fall”
“Prisoners Of Habit”
“Hollow Grave”
“Seventh Sign”
“The Shame”
“Black Rose”
“Silent Rage” – Live (Bonus track)
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