Art & Soul By Sandra Leader: An experience of the sacred, Former journalist utilizes art and meditation to achieve inner peace

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An experience of the sacred
Former journalist utilizes art and meditation to achieve inner peace
CARMEL VALLEY, Calif. – Individuals who experience persistently moderate or high levels of
stress over a number of years have a 50 percent higher mortality rate. Former journalist Sandra
Leader has found ways to help people slow down, turn attention inward and bring down stress
levels through meditation and art. These practices allow individuals to experience what lies
beyond the mind and achieve a sense of tranquility.
In 2007, Leader became a minister in the Church of Religious Science, a teaching that
embraces all religious and spiritual traditions. Over the years, she has composed numerous
prayers, poems and paintings, which she presents in her new book Art & Soul. All of the work
compiled in this book is an attempt to express her experience of the sacred.
“I have found chanting and meditation to be remarkable tools in helping to escape the critical
mind and release creative blocks,” Leader said. “Many people don’t see themselves as artistic
and miss the opportunity to experience the joy and freedom of the creative process. Shedding
these erroneous beliefs can allow them to find their passion and express it.”
Before becoming a minister, Leader was a career journalist. Even then, she pursued art and
walked the spiritual path. She grew up in a Presbyterian Church and later immersed herself in
Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Native American Spirituality.
Leader undertook a two-year in-depth study and practice of meditation with Sally Kempton, a
well-known author, teacher and former monk in Vedic tradition. She also did dream work with
Kathleen Sullivan, author of Recurring Dreams: A Journey to Wholeness, and lucid dream work
with Lene Handberg, protégé of the late Tarab Tulku, a reincarnated Tibetan lama.
“The best thing that we can do to improve the world is to slow down, turn inside, align ourselves
with our spiritual essence and allow this inner dimension to flower in our lives,” Leader said.
“There is nothing more powerful than a person who is living from their own sacred center.”
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Art & Soul
By Sandra Leader
ISBN: 978150434226
Available in softcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press
About the author
Sandra Leader was a journalist for over 30 years, but as her journalism career began to wind
down, her spiritual life really began to take root, leading her to become a Religious Science
minister in 2007. Leader has served as associate minister at the Center for Spiritual Awakening
in Pacific Grove for nine years and has been meditating for more than 25 years.

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