Art Rap Goddess Bunny Michael Debuts “Gasolina” Video + EP Release Date

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Nature Slut Telepathic Goddess of the Future

Bunny Michael

Debut Video “Gasolina” Revealed on Bullett
Rainbow Licker EP to be Released on March 25th

Transports Daddy Yankee to the gate of a demonic mirror universe where you’re not sure if you want to party or run for your life.

I am fond of the deeply odd, occasionally obscene art rap of [Bunny Michael]. 
The New Yorker

Photo Credit: Amanda Leilani Thompson

What do you get when you send a rapping Bjork and Mother Nature on a spiritual journey through space, time, another dimension? Bunny Michael. Named the original “art rapper” by Sasha Frere Jones in The New YorkerBunny Michael provides the soundtrack to your personal creative evolution.
Bunny’s oozing of inspiration is clear. Her debut video for “Gasolina”, which premiered on Bullett Magazine, was birthed from a collective of artists with a goal of empowering women.  Directed and animated by Meriem Bennani, produced by VICE duo Purple Milk, and styled by “Other Travel” collaborator (along with Bennani) Hayden Dunham,  Bunny says of the experience, “Making this video was an out of body experience. My friends and I traveled to another realm, danced, laughed and sweat there. Meriem was our guide.“ Fans can receive the mp3 of “Gasolina” for free on Bunny’s Facebook page.

Formerly known as Bunny Rabbit, Bunny Michael has spent the past 4 years dedicating herself to the pedagogy of self realization through soundscapes and visualization, becoming an expanding vessel to Universal Creative Consciousness. The result is her first self produced EP, Rainbow Licker, a 4 song initiation that not only moves you in the physical realm but transports to dimensions beyond. Rainbow Licker joins our physical world on March 25th, on Separate Reality Records.
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