Another Chance at Life, Provided First One Ends In Right ‘RIP Code’

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Another Chance at Life, Provided First One Ends In Right ‘RIP Code’

MIAMI, FL.—Finally a cool way is now available for snow birds to preserve themselves for many years in their beloved vacation land of Florida, provided they die in the right RIP code.

A RIP code is any one of the zip codes in South and Central Florida where Florida residents and snow birds alike must die to qualify for having their bodies rushed to Osiris Cryonics here to be frozen at the first cryonics facility on the East Coast.

Osiris Cryonics ( just opened its facility or “vat house” comprising vats of liquid nitrogen where occupants can wait in freeze frame for another chance at life, said TransMedia Group CEO Tom Madden (

Cryonics is a process devised to save lives by using temperatures so cold that a person beyond help by today’s medicine might be preserved for decades or centuries until a future medical technology can restore that person to full health. Cryonics sounds like science fiction, but is based on modern science, said Madden.

Because prospects for preservation need to have their bodies prepared within moments of cardiac arrest, Osiris is only able to transport them from central or South Florida to the facility here where blood circulation and breathing are artificially restored and a series of medications are administered to protect the brain from lack of oxygen. Then rapid cooling commences, further protecting the brain as the goal is the keep the brain “alive” by present-day criteria for as long as possible into the procedure.

So to the phantasmagoria of things to do in Miami . . . watching Dolphins romp, models saunter by in glaring bikinis . . . rollerbladers gliding down Ocean Drive . . . touring Art Basel or sipping fruity cocktails in luxurious lobbies . . . comes yet another activity, or rather inactivity—the ultimate suspended animation, said Madden.

Currently there are only two cryonics facilities in the U.S. located in Arizona and Michigan. Osiris Cryonics is the third.

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