Andrea Nierenberg President of Nierenberg Consulting Group, Networking Nugget #13

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Networking Nugget

Networking Now Is Part of My Life

I have come to think of networking not as something that I have to do. I look at it as part of my makeup, of who I am. I think, “How can I be a resource to others, give something to them or learn from them.” They are all part of strategic networking. This can become part of your life strategy and be with you all the time. For instance, think right now:

  • Who can you send a note or article to that would give them an idea or just to say hello?
  • What did you learn today from someone you know or someone you met or observed? (By the way, we can even learn from people we don’t like or respect. They teach us what ‘not’ to do.)
  • Who can you refer today? Maybe you just spoke with a client or friend and they are looking for a job or opportunity or you reach out for an exploratory meeting with someone you may have connected with on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Andrea Nierenberg

Andrea Nierenberg
President of Nierenberg Consulting Group

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